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The City File

Trouble: “Federal funds to be spent this year on lead-lined trucks to house the administration during nuclear attack: $58,000,000.” Real trouble: “Amount the President proposes to spend on this program next year: $85,000,000” (Harper’s “Index,” August 1990). Books the Illinois State Historical Society is sending to Poland as part of the “Books From the Heartland” […]

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Fifth of July

FIFTH OF JULY Argyle Gargoyle Productions at Blue Rider Theatre Like a counterculture Chekhov, Lanford Wilson in Fifth of July casts a compassionate but darkly comic eye on the frustrated hopes and stalled aspirations of an extended family drifting in 1970s America. And as with Chekhov, the farther away we are from the time and […]

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Tone Control

GHOST *** (A must-see) Directed by Jerry Zucker Written by Bruce Joel Rubin With Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, and Tony Goldwyn. Could it be that the charming but slight 1937 ghost comedy Topper is going to take its place on the list of American classics–The Searchers, Rear Window, Scarface, etc–that have provided narrative […]

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Seething With Rage

To the editors: I am seething with rage after reading the idiotic review by your theatre critic Mary Shen Barnidge of Bailiwick’s Secrets production, the lesbian entry in their annual Gay & Lesbian series [July 27]. How dare she trivialize the whole point of the proceedings by suggesting that the characters in question are not […]

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The Sports Section

The large crowds pouring in and out of Wrigley Field are no longer so offensive now that the Cubs are playing better; that is, the people in the crowds might still be offensive, from person to person, but the Cubs’ attracting sold-out crowds is no longer so objectionable. For a while there, it was almost […]

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The Dark Side of Subscriptions

To the editors: For what seems like eons, Danny Newman [Letters, July 27] has been the undisputed world champion salesman of subscriptions. But reading his pitch today makes me think of that other famous salesman–Willy Loman. Must attention still be paid here? Yes, subscriptions have helped the performing arts to flourish in America in the […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story After a bus fell into a ditch in April outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, injured passengers were left moaning for hours because potential rescuers were too frightened to approach the bus. Baskets containing six cobras had come open in the crash and their caretaker had been killed. Several hours later, a snake charmer arrived from […]