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Did Royko Have It Coming?

Like the Bible and William Shakespeare, Mike Royko has now been annotated. The guerrilla wing of gay activism in Chicago performed this scholarly deed two weeks ago, picking apart a July column about AIDS and offering it as proof of Royko’s sins. During the night of August 2, members of ACT UP/Chicago faxed the Royko […]

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Cicada Calling

(Cicada buzzing sounds) MAN: Those damn cicadas. (Phone rings.) Aren’t they dead yet? Can’t even hear the phone ring. (Phone rings. Picks up phone.) Hello. CICADA: (Buzzing sound.) Hello! This is the Cicada Employment Service. We have a special two-week offer. As you know, a surplus of unemployed cicadas is in your area. As a […]

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Better Red in Bed

BETTER RED IN BED Off Bowery Theater at Urbus Orbis Many playwrights might have opted to stay with a proven formula. But Eric C. Anderson, whose four-character, single-premise Buddah Haus (only his third play) won him critical attention, decided to attempt a more challenging, more difficult play. The resulting comedy, Better Red in Bed, is […]

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Richie Cole/Charles McPherson

This third installment of the Jazz Showcase’s month-long tribute to Charlie Parker packs the greatest potential wallop, both academically and emotionally. Charles McPherson is often considered the last true disciple of the bebop avatar, capable of so convincing an imitation that he was used to mimic Parker on the sound track of the film Bird. […]

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Buddy Scott & the Rib Tips

Buddy Scott and the Rib Tips have held down weekends at Lee’s Unleaded Blues Lounge (formerly the famous Queen Bee’s) on South Chicago Avenue for years. For some reason they’ve never developed a north-side reputation to match their talents. Scott’s guitar playing complements his vocal style–bluesy and passionate with a heaping dose of deep soul […]

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Adrift in a Sea of Images

THE DOCUMENTATOR *** (A must-see) Directed and written by Istvan Darday and Gyorgyi Szalai With Mihaly Des, Lilla Paszti, and Janos Agoston. The Documentator opens with a long sequence of various military parades. We see troops and tanks marching before the main title, before any characters are introduced. Just after the main title we see […]

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The Straight Dope

How did the myth that cats sometimes steal people’s breath when they sleep get started? –Rick Weaver, North Bay, California Cecil isn’t entirely sure it’s a myth, and neither are some cat writers, as we shall see. You can certainly understand why cats give some folks the creeps. They do, after all, prowl around at […]

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The City File

Just clean will be enough, thank you. Advance publicity for Procter & Gamble’s “1990 Black Family Reunion Celebration”: “Attendees will marvel at the vibrant colors of the portable toilets–hot pink, peach and seafoam green.” Code W for Weird. Ancient Skies (July-August 1990), the “official logbook of the Ancient Astronaut Society” based in Highland Park, reviews […]

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D.J. Lebowitz

D.J. Lebowitz is an itinerant weirdo who has amazed and antagonized audiences from coast to coast. Wide-eyed and bushy haired (when his head isn’t shaved), he’s a piano-playing singer-songwriter who traffics in a maniacal, singsongy mode of expression that seems influenced in equal parts by Jonathan Richman, Peter Lorre in M, and, oh, I don’t […]