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Various Artists

THE MONSTER SHOW at Club Lower Links August 15 Matthew Owens recently said, “One of the functions of the artist is to point out what is denied in society.” And Owens is indeed hell-bent on making people aware of the sort of unpleasantness that happens to all of us–death, injury–but that we would rather pretend […]

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The Monster Show

THE MONSTER SHOW at Club Lower Links August 1 The Monster Show seems fundamentally designed to give performance artists a chance to place unfinished, perhaps even unrehearsed pieces in front of a very supportive audience of fellow artists and hangers-on who have come as much for the beer as the show. People gather here to […]

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Rock ‘n’ Roll: return of the Midwest Music Conference

Surprising almost everyone, not least its organizers, last year’s Midwest Music Conference was a success by just about any standard. Its organizers–Dave Bernstein, Peter Katsis, and Jeff Kwatinetz, under the rubric of Kwatinetz’s Q Productions–saw their primary goal of putting Chicago back on the national record-industry map fairly well accomplished. And even by an outside […]

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Experimental Stage

BOB EISEN/JOANNE BARRETT AND FRIENDS at Links Hall August 15 Failed experiments can be painful for an audience, and repeated failures can drive an audience away permanently. But to be present at a successful experiment is an exhilarating experience: a new world cracks open for the audience, and there’s a sense of triumph for the […]

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Grim Fairy Tale

INTO THE WOODS Pegasus Players Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm’s collection of fairy tales was a not entirely successful effort to provide authoritative versions of stories that had been passed down through centuries of oral tradition. Such stories, of course, have a habit of changing according to the circumstances in which they’re told; no matter how […]

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Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece, which, like his earlier Solaris, is a very free and allegorical adaptation of an SF novel (Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s Roadside Picnic). After a strange meteorite hits the earth, the region where it fell is sealed off; known as the Zone, it is believed to have magical powers that can grant the […]

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Inverting the Holocaust

To the editors. In an otherwise fine article, Mr. McClory [“Children of the Holocaust,” July 6] reveals how even a concerned person like him is becoming part of the inversion of the Holocaust into an anti-Jewish tool. One aspect of this is the often made argument that because the Jews suffered so terribly they are […]