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The Author’s Voice/Next Time

THE AUTHOR’S VOICE and NEXT TIME Raven Theatre Company In a 1934 lecture to the Sociedad Amigos del Artes in Buenos Aires, Federico Garcia Lorca spoke of the creative spirit called the duende (literally, “dwarf”), distinguishing it from the detached, intellectual muse and the likewise aloof angel–traditional keepers of the artist’s genius–thus: “Angel and Muse […]

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NUNSENSE Wellington Theater One of the more self-serving myths in show business is that everybody dreams of becoming a star, that given their druthers, most Americans would quit their dreary jobs in an instant for the chance to appear on TV, or in the movies, or under the hot lights on the Great White Way. […]

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Postcards From the Edge

Carrie Fisher not so much adapts as rewrites her own autobiographical novel about her drug problems and show-biz comeback, shifting most of the emphasis away from a couple of boyfriends and toward her relationship with her mother (Debbie Reynolds in real life). Mike Nichols’s direction makes a very old-fashioned and effective Hollywood entertainment out of […]

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Tinsley Ellis

Georgia-born blues guitarist Tinsley Ellis may be best known for his stint as lead guitarist of the Heartfixers, an Atlanta aggregation that developed a cult following in the 80s as one of the hottest young southern R & B outfits since the Allmans. His early influences ranged from B.B. King to James Brown, and he’s […]

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Rebecca Parris

I think every American city has at least one vocalist of a certain age who is a unique stylist, a collector of grand and forgotten songs, and who has come to represent that city by talent and reputation. In San Francisco, for instance, there’s a woman named Weslia Whitfield; I’d pick Audrey Morris for my […]

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Waveland Radio Playhouse

WAVELAND RADIO PLAYHOUSE at the Elbo Room When I was in high school, Firesign Theatre was all the rage. Everyone I knew had just about memorized “The Further Adventures of Nick Danger,” and some could even spout obscure phrases from the stranger albums. Lines like “If you have kids, like I know I do,” “Designed […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story French tourism minister Olivier Stirn resigned in July after his plan to increase attendance at a conference backfired. When only 37 people showed up (out of 5,000 invitees), Stirn hurriedly called a local actors’ union and offered about $50 each to 200 actors to sit in the audience to make it respectable in […]