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ECC Wants It Both Ways

To the editors: The ECC position on scattered site public housing (Neighborhood News, 14 Sept.) contrasts with their position on gentrification. When a new owner evicts long-time residents of the community, some of whom have contributed more to the quality of life in their neighborhood than the average ECC board member has in hers, the […]

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What’s an Apologist?

To the editors: Robert McClory, author of the Reader article “Children of the Holocaust” [July 6], is either disingenuous or ignorant when he states that the term apologist is not politically loaded, as he did in his reply to a letter by Michael Kotzin (Aug. 31). Kotzin was correct to object to McClory’s description of […]

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Field & Street

I used to get really angry every time the Tribune ran an editorial about an endangered species. Their usual slant on efforts to prevent the extermination of one of earth’s unique genetic combinations was “What the heck, we’ve got millions of them. Is anybody really going to notice if we lose one?” By the time […]

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Health Care Crisis

To the editors: As an African-American physician providing care in a Chicago inner-city emergency department, I was heartened to see your focus on the critical condition of an urban hospital [Neighborhood News, August 24]. However, the article may mislead many to wistfully shake their heads at yet another source of malaise affecting only the not-so-fortunate […]

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Irma Thomas

Irma Thomas, the “Soul Queen of New Orleans,” is best known as the singer who originally recorded “Time Is On My Side” (the flip side to the hit “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is [Will Understand]” on Imperial in 1964), but her legacy extends far beyond that. Quite simply, she’s one of the major architects […]

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The Magic Toaster

MY EYES WERE FILLED WITH VOLUNTEARS Brendan deVallance at Randolph Street Gallery October 4-6 “Inside every cardboard box is a toaster waiting to be found,” philosophizes Brendan deVallance in the middle of his new performance piece, My Eyes Were Filled With Voluntears. This curiously engaging untruth, flatly stated and left unexplained amid many similarly curious […]

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Pulling Apart, Coming Together

FRIENDLY WITNESS **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Warren Sonbert. Early in Warren Sonbert’s new 32-minute films, Friendly Witness, there is a shot of a tug-of-war game. The camera moves along the rope from one group to its opponent, each pulling against the other, neither winning. In a film in which most shots last only a few […]

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In the September 14 review of Latino Chicago Theater Company’s production of La Petenera at Cabaret Voltaire, Rosario Vargas, who was a part of the performing ensemble in its first production at the Firehouse, was incorrectly identified as the play’s director. Juan Antonio Ramirez has been the director of La Petenera since its debut. My […]