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The Naked Art

JAN BARTOSZEK AND DANCERS at MoMing Dance & Arts Center November 30-December 3 and December 8-10 As the arts go, dance is pretty naked. There’s little to mediate between artist and audience: no script, no paint on canvas, no score. Your body is your instrument; often, your subject is yourself. You can get around that, […]

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CINDERELLA Fort Worth Ballet Company at the Chicago Theatre November 22-26 Cinderella, Paul Mejia’s ballet, was Chicago City Ballet’s most inspired creation. Designed as an annual Thanksgiving attraction for the entire family, Cinderella was CCB’s outstanding artistic and box-office success. The beautiful, witty costumes by Ben Benson, the sumptuous sets by Steven Rubin, and the […]

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American in Paris

THE FILMS OF WILLIAM KLEIN At a time when the National Endowment for the Arts is under siege–and not only from yahoos like Jesse Helms, but also from certain anarchists, leftists, and intellectuals–the general paucity of information and understanding about national funding of the arts in other countries only helps to underline how isolationist this […]

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The City File

“The Wienermobile experience is finally complete,” according to Oscar Mayer Foods, celebrating the return of the giant hot-dog-shaped vehicles, which include “steam vents which emit the aroma of freshly grilled hotdogs to entice passers-by.” “Chester Dunbar’s murder”–he was 16 years old and was killed while sitting in geometry class, for having made fun of a […]

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Foreign Language

To the editors: Harold Henderson’s ignorant comment, “What country did you say you were from?” on the welcome fact that Illinois high school students will now receive foreign language credit for learning American Sign Language (City File, October 20), is sadly, typically, indicative of the lack of linguistic sophistication–that is, sophistication about linguistics–in the general […]