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Field & Street

When John Terborgh was a child his family lived in the country near Washington, D.C. Their house stood on two acres of abandoned farmland fronting a dirt road that dead-ended two doors down. Behind the house, a path meandered through almost a mile of woodland, crossing a quiet stream along the way. The woods shaped […]

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84, Charing Cross Road/Arden

84, CHARING CROSS ROAD Northlight Theatre Can a story about a book buyer and a bookseller who become pen pals but never meet send much of an emotional charge? Yes. In its quiet, inferential way, Northlight Theatre’s production of 84, Charing Cross Road strikes resonant chords of loss, regret, and happiness remembered. Though only occasionally […]

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Deromanticizing Schubert

THE CITY MUSICK at Saint Thomas the Apostle Church November 18 HIS MAJESTIE’S CLERKES at Saint Procopius Abbey December 10 When Academy of Ancient Music founder Christopher Hogwood began performing and recording Mozart symphonies on period instruments in the early 70s, the music community at large thought he had gone crazy. Baroque music on period […]

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Henry V

Kenneth Branagh’s superb version of the Shakespeare play, which he directed and adapted as well as stars in, presents a distinctly different view of this work from Laurence Olivier’s 1945 movie. While the earlier film, made during the war, was intended to whip up patriotic sentiment, Branagh’s version has a much darker view of England’s […]

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Hispanic allies turn antagonists over a key state senate seat

Reporters throughout the city flocked to the near northwest side’s 26th Ward in 1986 to cover the raucous special aldermanic election between independent Luis Gutierrez and machine-backed Manuel Torres, a contest that ultimately ended Chicago’s famous Council Wars by handing control of City Council to Mayor Harold Washington. Most reporters ignored a simultaneous legislative election. […]

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The Nutcracker

THE NUTCRACKER at Arie Crown Theatre December 8-30 It’s sort of funny–if one stops to think of it–that The Nutcracker should be a treasured all-American Christmas entertainment for the entire family. Based on a story by E.T.A. Hoffmann, a well-known 19th-century German writer, and composed by a Russian for the edification of the czar and […]

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How to Read a Dancer

A LITTLE PERSONALITY Sentience at Link’s Hall December 9 Sentience’s A Little Personality offers a lighthearted, personable, positively painless introduction to dance. If you sought a performance filled with finely finished and meticulously crafted work, you probably would have been disappointed by the barely structured dances and marginally successful improvisations on the program. But if […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story According to the recent book White Man, Black War, Rhodesian military officers once tortured a black guerrilla by forcing him to listen continuously to a John Denver record played at high volume. Least-Competent People William Sibila, 34, was killed in September when he fell 35 feet onto a cement landing while trying to […]