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The Sports Section

The Bears are once again proof of the continual pop-culture significance of sports. Many players remain from the 1985 world-championship team, but the Bears’ overall personality is completely different. The mid-80s were an urgent, ruthless, marauding time, and the Bears reflected that. With their quick outside linebackers, Otis Wilson and Wilber Marshall, tackling opponents the […]

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Travel Incentive

Folding chairs are arranged in three neat semicircles around the tiny makeshift stage–a slightly raised platform with a jungle backdrop, all purple, green, brown, and gray tendrils, vines, and leaves. Big rocks have been painted onto two folding screens that are placed off to each side, and one suspiciously square boulder rests in lone splendor […]

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Replacements–All Shook Down

ALL SHOOK DOWN Replacements Sire Records 926298-2 Paul Westerberg, sturdy and talented, burst into the record business with a snotty and loud foursome, the Replacements; he’s been trying to live it down ever since. The bashing and crashing have given way to sensitively constructed songs, and the band’s bad attitude has smoothed out into a […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Michael S. Doherty’s murder conviction was reversed in November by the Texas Court of Appeals because of his lawyer’s “ineffective assistance.” The two most serious errors came in courtroom conferences in which the lawyer, checking facts with his client, whispered loudly (within earshot of the jury), “You didn’t take all the money, right?” […]

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Aldo Goes to School

On a Tuesday Aldo DeAngelis, Republican candidate for Cook County Board president, visits DuSable High School at 4934 S. Wabash. He tells about 100 African American students who are crowded into a classroom and overflowing into the hall that by choosing to live in Cook County they pay 20 percent higher taxes than they would […]

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When a genuined aesthetic history of cinema is finally written–as opposed to industry and entertainment histories–the five films Roberto Rossellini made with Ingrid Bergman between 1949 and 1956 should rank high in importance. It is not simply that his daring plotless scenes helped shape the explorations of the inner lives of characters in the films […]

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TRASHVISION! BDI Theater Company at Chicago Actors Ensemble I happened to see “Trashvision!” on the same day I read of Douglas Edwards’s death. Edwards was the first network news anchor–he headed CBS’s national news broadcast from 1948 until he retired and was replaced by Walter Cronkite. The newspaper obituaries for Edwards carried comments about his […]

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Female Futures

EMILY Goose Island Theatre at the Avenue Theatre HELLO, WE MUST BE CLOSING at Ruggles Cabaret It’s a jungle out there, all right. Wall Street, 1986, the high-stress world of stockbrokers: the men talk business and spectator sports, brag about their incomes and alma maters, complain about their wives and ex-wives, and drink, drink, drink. […]