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The Bored Couple

LA VACHE QUI RIT Gonnie Heggen and Frans Poelstra at Randolph Street Gallery February 1 and 2 At a time when many theaters in town produce unvaried seasons, riding the tiger of subscription audiences, Randolph Street Gallery survives and thrives on defying its audience’s expectations. Two weeks ago it presented a double bill of mysterious, […]

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Victims’ Rite

JOE TURNER’S COME AND GONE Goodman Theatre You don’t just watch Joe Turner’s Come and Gone. You come through it. Like Oedipus Rex and Macbeth, like The Iceman Cometh and Endgame, August Wilson’s transcendent play isn’t a narrative so much as a ritual. A cleansing ceremony. A baptism. A way to die and be reborn. […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Bridge

I’m not much of a James Ivory fan, but this adaptation of Evan S. Connell’s novels Mrs. Bridge (1959) and Mr. Bridge (1969) deserves to be seen and cherished for at least a couple of reasons: first for Joanne Woodward’s exquisitely multilayered and nuanced performance as India Bridge, a frustrated, well-to-do WASP Kansas City housewife […]

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Richard’s Cork Leg

RICHARD’S CORK LEG Theatre of the Reconstruction Toward the end of Richard’s Cork Leg, Brendan Behan’s last play, a wounded revolutionary, a pair of prostitutes, and “a coloured gentleman,” the manager of the Dublin branch of Fair Lawn cemetery, sit boozing in the home of a lady named Mallarkey, as her daughter, Deirdre, plays an […]

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Emerald City

EMERALD CITY Zebra Crossing Theatre at Chicago Dramatists Workshop How is it that insipid scripts can become compelling–all right, bearable–on television and yet provide the most dreadful experiences in the theater? Does it have to do with our contrasting expectations of these media–that television, with its limited intellectual claims, will hypnotize us with technical gadgetry, […]

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Field & Street

I decided to go in search of the gyrfalcons last Friday. I wrote a column about them in January. Two of them have been hanging around the cooling lake at Commonwealth Edison’s LaSalle nuclear power station since Christmas. The obvious attraction is the waterfowl that spend the winter on the lake. Gyrfalcons are a big […]