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Michael Bach

Though his name recalls Germany’s most famous musical tribe, Michael Bach claims no direct blood ties to the great J.S. Not that it matters. The cellist extraordinaire, at age 33, can stand on his own right as a virtuoso and as an avid champoin of contemporary chamber music. Classically trained–under the tutelage of Pierre Fournier […]

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Digging Up Nazis: A Comedy

THE NASTY GIRL ** (Worth seeing) Directed and written by Michael Verhoeven With Lena Stolze, Monika Baumgartner, Michael Gahr, Fred Stillkrauth, Elisabeth Bertram, Robert Giggenbach, and Hans-Richard Muller. We’re told at the outset of Michael Verhoeven’s The Nasty Girl that Anja Rosmus inspired this film. What we aren’t told is who Rosmus is or how […]

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No More Peace!

NO MORE PEACE! Live Bait Theater Ernst Toller would probably have liked Live Bait’s version of No More Peace!: it’s well paced, broad, and yet somehow sensible. That Live Bait has managed, in an era when the communist world is crumbling, to do a credible job with a play that positions Karl Marx as a […]

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CURIOS Curious Theatre Branch In case you haven’t noticed, it’s become fashionable in artistic circles to have been sexually molested as a child. This is not to say that such abuse is not a deplorable misuse of power and a travesty of filial loyalty, nor is it an attempt to find fault with the societal […]

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The Thrill of Boredom

MORE OF THE SAME BUT NONE OF THE ABOVE, IN THREE ACTS Meatballs/Fluxus at Randolph Street Gallery Meatballs/Fluxus is a group that succeeds only when it fails. The more uninteresting, unvaried, and untheatrical the image they choose to explore, the more engaging their work becomes. It takes enormous patience to sit through their More of […]

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John Scofield Quartet

New band, new album, but the same old John Scofield–thank goodness. With his rawboned sound, a rhythmic drive born of the rhythm and blues that gave rise to rock, and a solo style that combines complex enterprise with straightforward communication, Scofield remains among the most listenable–in fact, most compelling–contemporary improvisers. Few guitarists have had as […]

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Twilight Zone

Submitted for your edification and amusement; a darkened theater on the near south side where some four score and an odd baker’s dozen of idle curiosity seekers, liberal intellectuals, telecom students, and the kind of lonely characters you find talking urgently into dead pay phones at cheap arcades are all huddled in a communion of […]

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After Hours

AFTER HOURS at the Roxy and Cafe Voltaire There must have been a time when pigeons were a novelty in Chicago, when just the sight of a couple of pigeons cooing on the sidewalk or waddling along a rooftop was worth mentioning at the dinner table. But those days are long, long gone. I feel […]