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The Deadman

Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn’s free and liberating (as well as liberated) 37-minute adaptation of Georges Bataille’s untranslated story “Le morte”–made in 1989 and now receiving its belated Chicago premiere–is the most exciting and accomplished experimental film I’ve seen in ages. It charts the adventures of a nearly naked heroine who leaves the corpse of […]

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Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Violinist Nigel Kennedy’s unorthodox appearance (punk hair and high-tops) and irreverent approach to the classical literature (outrageous tempi, unexpected phrasing) have cemented his reputation as the reigning enfant terrible of concert music; this program, presented by Chamber Music Chicago, certainly won’t dent his image. Kennedy will conduct the 34-piece Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra in Vivaldi’s […]

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Full circle: Bud Freeman, 1906-1991

“There are four basic precepts you must observe if you wish to score with the world. One, use Wall St. Cologne–in this way you will score with women. Two, use Yardley’s Shaving Cream–in this way, clean-shaven, you will score with the general public. Three, change your socks daily–here you score with earthworms and all the […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Police in Des Moines, Washington, captured two teenaged bank robbers in January. Several citizens reported seeing two kids cruising very slowly back and forth in front of the bank in a run-down car and then going inside. As the kids leapt into their car to get away, they discovered the battery was dead. […]

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Postmodern Dissertation

SOCK MONKEYS at Link’s Hall April 12, 13, 19, and 20 Deborah Jowitt, dance writer for the Village Voice, said at a symposium at Northwestern University a few weeks ago, “Artistic revolutions begin by throwing out the baby, the bathwater, the soap, the sponge, the towel, and the tub. As time goes on, the artists […]

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Feudal Attraction

JU DOU *** (A must-see) Directed by Zhang Yimou, in collaboration with Yang Fengliang Written by Liu Heng With Gong Li, Li Baotian, Li Wei, Zhang Yi, and Zheng Jian. Like most people reading this, I know next to nothing about the history of China, which is thousands of years older than the U.S. and […]

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Our Little Secret

To the editors: The house hunting article in the March 29, 1991, issue of the Reader was one of the most honest, best displays of journalism we have seen for a long time. Having relocated to the East Beverly neighborhood after a number of stops throughout the midwest has brought our family in tune with […]

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Art From pain

ANOTHER TIME Steppenwolf Theatre “Another job that you hope at last / Will make your future forget your past,” goes a line in Cole Porter’s “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” The lyric applies specifically to performers trying to cover up a past failure with a new hit, but it also applies more generally; for […]

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Heavy Negativity

To the editors: Since I generally find your paper very informative and well-written I was surprised that you printed James Krohe’s article on suburban houses [March 29]. Although I live in a suburb, I am quite sympathetic with Mr. Krohe’s criticisms of suburban architecture and of suburban taste and dreams as evidenced in real estate […]