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Off Off Loop Theater Festival: Wild Dogs/Dates Without Chicks/The Shirt

OFF OFF LOOP THEATER FESTIVAL WILD DOGS Mary-Arrchie Theatre DATES WITHOUT CHICKS Theatre of the Reconstruction THE SHIRT Chicago Actors Project These three plays, the Friday program of the Off Off Loop Theater Festival, could run under the heading “Misogynist’s Delight,” for all three involve male hostility toward women. And the third play takes misogyny […]

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Basically Bach

Before he became the master of oratorios, Handel was a purveyor of the Italianate opera. He wrote dozens, many of them tailored to the peculiarly voluptuous voices of the celebrated castrati of his day. Tolomeo, a flop when Handel produced it himself in 1728, doesn’t quite belong in the company of Orlando and other masterpieces, […]

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Hollywood Unchained

SPARTACUS *** (A must-see) Directed by Stanley Kubrick Written by Dalton Trumbo With Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier, Charles Laughton, Peter Ustinov, John Gavin, and John Ireland. “It has acres of dead people, more blood and gore than you ever saw in your whole life. “In the final scene, Spartacus’s mistress, carrying her illegitimate […]

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Bach Week in Evanston

In this bicentennial of the death of one great composer, another great composer seems vying for equal time–good old J.S. Bach. In one weekend-to-weekend stretch, the local Bach-analia–an annual tradition called Bach Week conceived by the folks at Saint Luke’s Church in Evanston–will offer a choice selection of the Baroque master’s choral, orchestral, and chamber […]

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Off Off Loop Theater Festival: High Fidelity/Mo’ Better Blue Velvet, or David Lynch Mob Mentality/Babes in Arms, Act I

OFF OFF LOOP THEATER FESTIVAL HIGH FIDELITY New Tuners Theatre MO’ BETTER BLUE VELVET, OR DAVID LYNCH MOB MENTALITY North Avenue Productions BABES IN ARMS, ACT I Musical Repertorie Theatre Company “A Matinee for Music and Laughter” is the title of the Off Off Loop Theater Festival’s Sunday-afternoon program. Music, yes–there’s reams of it, some […]

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Off Off Loop Theater Festival: Years Ago/La Petenera/Fragments From the Permanent Collection

OFF OFF LOOP THEATER FESTIVAL YEARS AGO Synergy Theatre Company’s Chrysalis Project LA PETENERA La Barraca ’90 FATTY TISSUE Theater by Design FRAGMENTS FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION Playwrights’ Center The basic idea of the Off Off Loop Theater Festival is a good one: showcase the work of a number of Chicago’s more interesting non-Equity theaters […]

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The Secret Life of John Schmid/News Media Missing in Action

The Secret Life of John Schmid The pseudonymous author stands on shaky ground indeed in the straight-arrow fellowship of journalistic scriveners. The Reader’s own policy on pseudonyms is clear and unnegotiable: only when appropriate. It’s that way throughout the business. For instance, pseudonyms are common in the monthly journal Outlines and weekly entertainment guide Nightlines, […]

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Is Dots All There Is?

MICHAEL BANICKI at the State of Illinois Art Gallery By painting charts that illustrate his own private rating systems, Michael Banicki emphasizes the subjective nature of all so-called objective forms of evaluation. At first glance, the visual repetition of Banicki’s charts makes this show seem bland and emotionless. We recall the boredom of looking through […]

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Billy Bull

To the editors: Buried deep in your story on the 46th Ward race [March 29] is an appalling attack on constitutional rights by Senator Billy Marovitz. The homeless have as much right to vote as anyone else, and courts have upheld that right. The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners put out a press release last […]