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The City File

Ex-Lax for the mind. From a new-age diet book quoted in Conscious Choice (Summer): “Holding onto thoughts is mental constipation. It usually is accompanied by intestinal constipation, because an excess of energy is in the brain. This creates a deficiency in the colon, so there is less activity taking place in the colon.” Dept. of […]

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Glass Houses

GLASS HOUSES WYSIWYG Theatre Company at Victory Gardens Studio The last time I saw a show of this caliber was when I saw Charley’s Aunt at West Albany High School in Oregon, in which one of the students, after stuttering for five minutes, turned to the audience and said, “I’m sorry, I forgot my lines.” […]

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Field & Street

Lately the newspapers have been full of stories about how the spotted owl is going to turn the Pacific Northwest into a land of ghost towns while forcing people in the rest of the country to live under bridges or in old refrigerator cartons. The problem, according to the stories, is that a lawsuit brought […]

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Wyman’s Secret

To the editors: After reading Bill Wyman’s malevolent piece on Madonna’s new movie [June 21], I must conclude that Mr. Wyman is in love with Madonna. The flip side of a reviewer’s love-hate relationship with his subject is, frankly, his inevitable attraction to it. Wyman must have seen Truth or Dare at least three times […]

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Pop Psychology

To the editors: Reading Bill Wyman’s “Truth or Dare: Madonna’s Big Lie” (June 21), I was impressed not only with his skill in shooting down her myths, but also with the seeming passion behind his gunning. But I also sensed he was lecturing a crowd who “should know better” than to fall for Madonna: his […]

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A Life in the Theatre

A LIFE IN THE THEATRE 11:11 Productions at Sheffield’s School Street Cafe It’s an old inequity. When a production is over and the set is struck, the playwright keeps the script, the set designer renderings and slides, the costume designer the clothes that outlast the players who wore them, and the box office the green […]

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Susie Luck: Hostess of Mental Florida

SUSIE LUCK: HOSTESS OF MENTAL FLORIDA at Club Lower Links I once got into an argument with an actor friend of mine when I dared to suggest that actors and playwrights might learn something from performance artists. My friend snorted sarcastically, “There’s a lot they could teach us: self-indulgence, pretension, incomprehensibility.” Since then I’ve noted […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Chester Noland, a police officer in Sunrise, Florida, was disciplined in March for an October incident in which he overreacted in corralling 14 teenage skateboarders who were making too much noise. Noland reportedly lined the boys up and hit them between their legs with his nightstick while singing variations of the theme song […]

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Give them shelter: two urban missionaries reach out to underpriveleged kids

By seven o’clock most weekday nights, Cassi Wilson’s Logan Square apartment is filled with inner-city teenagers looking for a little faith. Drug abusers, gang members, kids with arrest records–all are welcome. Wilson, a youth pastor, has no eligibility requirements. They make dinner, eat, tell a few jokes, study the Bible, and pray. The gatherings are […]

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Crimes of Passion

POISON *** (A must-see) Directed and written by Todd Haynes With Edith Meeks, Larry Maxwell, Susan Norman, Scott Renderer, James Lyons, John R. Lombardi, Tony Pemberton, and Andrew Harpending. “The whole world is dying of panicky fright,” reads the title that opens Todd Haynes’s startling and original Poison. It’s a correct and judicious observation, one […]