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Madonna, Inc.

To the editors: I would like to applaud Bill Wyman on his review of Madonna’s Truth or Dare [June 21]. Siskel and Ebert take note! I have always felt that Madonna’s “talent” has been her minimal skills as a dancer, every time I hear a tune of hers with her overproduced, oversynthesized vocals, I cringe. […]

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MACHINAL Fly’s Eye Theatre at Theater Oobleck Machinal vaguely resembles that famous cartoon in which one goldfish says to the other, “So if there’s no God, tell me who changes the water?” A grim example of dramatic determinism, this relentlessly punitive play undermines any illusion of free will. Like Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment or […]

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Out of the Blue

It was morning downtown and the sidewalks were nearly empty except for a few solemn shoppers and people late for work. I was walking east on Adams when a heavyset woman, strolling in my direction with a friend, stopped in her tracks and began to pull violently at her hair. She staggered like a drunk, […]

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Chiropractic Is as Good as Sex

To the editors: After reading Bryan Miller’s story about chiropractors [June 28], I, like the unnamed orthopedist, am appalled that reputable hospitals find it profitable to allow such individuals to practice on their premises. Any person who enters a profession which is based upon the belief that all illnesses result from misaligned vertabrae is either […]

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The Sports Section

Last Sunday morning, as I was out for a constitutional (suited to my kind of constitution, complete with cigar), I was met on a shady side street by the scraping, jangly noise of an aluminum baseball bat being dragged on the sidewalk behind a medium-size boy of about ten. The boy came on, shoulders slumped, […]

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At 6:30 AM on July 12, at exactly the time they are supposed to, a line of men files out of the Holiday Inn across from the Merchandise Mart and into two borrowed CTA buses. They are wearing polo shirts and T-shirts and khaki pants and jeans and caps and windbreakers. Some have potbellies, and […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In March Anthony Zeigler, 20, of Minneapolis, got into arguments at two different parties on consecutive nights in unrelated disputes and wound up being shot both times (in the leg at the first party and in the back and arm at the second party). He was treated and released at the same hospital […]

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The Coolest Place in Town

It’s one of those days during the heat wave after you’ve lost count of how many it’s lasted. Da Mare requests that people conserve water, but in his usual Republican way, he doesn’t issue any orders. Fire hydrants are open all over the city as kids seek relief. The water pressure is low and tap […]

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Misery loves Morrissey

Johnny Marr discovered Morrissey—sometime after, one assumes, Morrissey invented himself—in 1982. Within a couple of years, Morrissey’s strangled romanticism and Marr’s extremely pragmatic guitar playing made the Smiths one of England’s most celebrated bands. Besides the press’s absolute infatuation with the enigmatic Morrissey—heightened by his refusal to cop to being either gay or straight, claiming, […]

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Opera Notes: music from Monastero’s, the fund-raising restaurant

Eighteen years ago the Monastero family–owners of Monastero’s Ristorante at 3935 W. Devon–decided to hold a contest in their restaurant to give young singers a chance to perform before an audience. To fund the prize–an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy to study opera–they charged their dining clientele a fee to watch the contest. The event proved […]

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Losing Headstart: city, school board, and federal government fumble while poor neighborhoods howl

For 25 years, North Lawndale’s three- and four-year-olds have learned their ABCs at Howland Elementary, a public school at 1616 S. Spaulding. The preschool classes they took were part of the federally funded Headstart program, one of the few Great Society initiatives to survive nearly 20 years of mostly Republican rule. But come September there […]

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The Black Man’s Burden

BOYZ N THE HOOD (Has redeeming facet) Directed and written by John Singleton With Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut, Larry Fishburne, Angela Bassett, Nia Long, and Tyra Ferrell. It’s been estimated that at least 19 pictures by black directors will be released in the U.S. this year. That’s less than 5 percent of […]

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Cookie Crumb Club

COOKIE CRUMB CLUB at Organic Theater Company Greenhouse At 11 AM on a Saturday the last thing most healthy children want to do is sit still and shut up. Veteran folksinger Jim Post knows better than to expect them to, and so participation is the order of the day at the Cookie Crumb Club. However, […]