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Shut Up and Pay

To the editors: To me, (and undoubtedly to countless others) Mr. Alan Melzer in the August 9 Neighborhood News article came across as a chronic complainer with too much time on his hands (despite his claim of being too busy to look through his parking tickets). He knowingly parked at broken meters–where cops are able […]

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Dream House

DREAM HOUSE at Puszh Studios Most writing workshops seem to begin earnestly, with writers honestly critiquing each other’s works and offering ideas for improvement. Inevitably, allegiances develop. If one writer gets significant praise from another, he or she may be reluctant to criticize that person’s work. As a result, rationalizations for bad work often abound. […]

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Field & Street

The prairie opening in the middle of Cap Sauers Holdings is the most beautiful place in the state of Illinois. I suppose some people will argue with an assertion that unequivocal, but those people are wrong, and I can prove it. Most of our beauty spots are vistas for the one-eyed. You have to direct […]