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Miriam’s Flowers

MIRIAM’S FLOWERS Latino Chicago Theater Company at the Firehouse Miriam’s Flowers begins, literally, with a scream. It comes after several minutes of mellow preshow music, mostly early-70s disco, right on the beat, just when we expect a gleeful falsetto trill from the singer. Suddenly the room is dark and a teenage girl awakens abruptly from […]

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The Kellogg consortium: Is the Park District trying to take over the neighborhood advisory councils?

It’s not as though the Chicago Park District needs more problems, what with trees dying in Lincoln Park and so many inner-city parks a shambles. Yet once again it’s the target of accusations by outraged activists who feel the bureaucracy is trying to take control of policies and practices beyond its domain. At issue is […]

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Kings-X Tyrannosaurus Rex Constantinople

If the Fleischer Brothers had created a bookish, boho older sister for Betty Boop, she would have looked a lot like Jenny Magnus–black-haired, dark-eyed, fair-skinned, with a thin, rubbery, Chaplinesque body and arching inked-in eyebrows capable of communicating every emotion from skepticism to surprise to delight. In performance Magnus moves with a cartoonlike grace, her […]

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Domestic Politics

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Suzanne Osten Written by Madeleine Gustafsson, Etienne Glaser, and Osten With Philip Zanden, Etienne Glaser, Malin Ek, Bjorn Kjellman, Gunilla Roor, and Lena Nylen. Once in a great while a film of such startling originality crops up that one is jolted into realizing how much of the cinema’s […]

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Palpable Surfaces

TOI UNGKAVATANAPONG at Artemisia We think of sight as the most important means of experiencing paintings and sculptures–and in the case of representational painting, which relies heavily on visual illusions, sight is primary. But the sense of touch plays a major if not always obvious role in both the creation and understanding of works of […]

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF Zebra Crossing Theatre at Victory Gardens Studio The odor of mendacity hangs thick in the air. Once more the Pollitts of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof–the epically dysfunctional, magnificently maladjusted family–are scheming and dishing it out in Tennessee Williams’s less than mellow drama. Though it fits any play, […]

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To the editors: Your newspaper article entitled “Resurrection,” written by Grant Pick, and the photographer Kathy Richland [August 9], was very well reported. On behalf of my family and members of Saint Benedict the African Parish in Englewood we want to express our thanks and appreciation for the time and effort it took Mr. Pick […]

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The Straight Dope

Why do the digital alarm clocks advertised in catalogs or magazines always show 12:08? What’s so special about that time? I’m desperate for an answer! –Oliver “Mr. Cc” Markwirth, Richardson, Texas Now stop that. They don’t all say 12:08. I have an ad here showing a whole passel of digital watches set for 8:07. It […]

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More Degenerate Art

To the editors: Many thanks for Fred Camper’s assessment of Modernism’s threat to the totalitarian mind [“Degenerate Art,” August 9]. Immensely readable and full of good sense, Mr. Camper articulates the direction of the artist, whatever his time, which is to discover and act on his interior knowledge–which often can mean closing his ears to […]