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The Bears are off to yet another 2-0 start. They are not entering a new golden age but are, rather, living out their golden years. The distinction is important to any valid appreciation of the 1991 Chicago Bears. This is not a great team; it isn’t even on the threshold of greatness. It is a […]

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Disco without shame

Disco will probably always be a dirty word. When the Bee Gees came through town to promote a comeback album a couple of years ago (it flopped), the local press was condescending–the Bee Gees, it seemed, still had to live down their status as the kings of disco. And kings they were, of course: during […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences could not determine the origin of the 50 pounds of “meat-like” mass found in the grease trap of a McDonald’s restaurant in Clanton, Alabama, in June. It was determined to be cellulose, in “skin-like” strips that were highly absorbent, “had the color and feeling of an old […]

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DREAD Epiphany Theatre Ensemble at Blue Rider Theatre Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Dread is a vanity production, directed by the author, Richard Ritter, and featuring him and his wife, Catherine Ritter, in the only two roles. They seem to have very little training as actors, however, for they recite most […]

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Lou Donaldson

It’s interesting that Lou Donaldson is the son of a minister, because there’s definitely a preaching quality about his alto saxophone soloing. Donaldson came up during the bop era and, perhaps inevitably for an altoist of his generation, he began as a Charlie Parker-styled lyricist. By the late 1950s, though, a new, dramatic sense of […]