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Sour Milk

SOUR MILK Skeleton Crew Theatre Company at Bailiwick Repertory In G. Riley Mills’s Sour Milk, two honeymooners break down in nowheresville, only to fall into the hands of a family of country-gothic loonies with dark secrets in their hearts and a largish collection of corpses under the rhubarb in the garden. What follows is an […]

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Sri Chinmoy

Tonight the UIC Pavilion is a temple for meditation, introspection. Sri Chinmoy, the spiritual guru, is performing his “Oneness-Happiness Song,” a concert to promote inner peace. His posters have been plastered all over town for weeks. I suppose I’m as much in search of inner peace as the next guy, but I mostly want to […]

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Public Protests

DANCING IN THE STATE at the State of Illinois Center September l2 and l3 Watching dance in theaters makes it easy to forget that context matters. A theater is more or less a blank slate, modified by a few props, some unusual lighting, a backdrop. But a public environment has a rich life of its […]

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TALES OF THE FORGOTTEN FUTURE, PARTS TWO AND THREE *** (A must-see) Directed by Lewis Klahr At the start of Lewis Klahr’s The Organ Minder’s Gronkey (the first film of Part Two of Tales of the Forgotten Future), a voice urgently shouts, “Evacuate! Evacuate!” A man is then seen to flee through urban landscapes, down […]

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Uncle Lemon’s Spring/Features Creatures

UNCLE LEMON’S SPRING Lifeline Theatre FEATURES CREATURES Players Workshop’s Children’s Theatre at the Second City Frank Galati’s acting is consistently inventive and smart. His directing is praised to heaven by the people who work for him. And his specialty–adapting literature to the stage–resulted in a sublime adaptation of The Grapes of Wrath for Steppenwolf that […]

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Catholics Anonymous

To the editors: The May 24 issue of the Reader headlined “The Sins of the Fathers” regarding “Pedophilia in the Priesthood” is an indication of the dysfunctional systems model operating in the institutional Roman Catholic Church, especially regarding issues of intimacy and human sexuality. I fear, though, that the plea and challenge your article presents […]

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The Straight Dope

Why is a football called a pigskin? –Ben Schwalb, Laurel, Maryland Because calling it a pig’s bladder, which is what it actually is (or was), is a bit too real even for football players. In the days before vulcanized rubber, animal bladders were easily obtained, more or less round, readily sealed and inflated, and reasonably […]

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Heavy Hypocrisy

To the editors: The letter from Dylan Posa printed in the August 9 Reader is all too typical of so-called “progressive music” advocates. They want more free and open musical expression on the radio; but only on their own terms. If it doesn’t fit their trendy, P.C. notions of what music should be, then they […]

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The City File

And now for all you appendectomy patients out there, here’s Mantovani playing the all-violin version of “Twist and Shout.” “The music helps reduce patients’ anxiety,” says Swedish Covenant Hospital chaplain Ruthanne Werner (in SCH’s Care Letter, Summer) of the hospital’s program offering headsets to patients before and during surgery. “Originally, we created a selection of […]

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To the editors: Oh, that I might have the last word on la brouhaha Madonna [Letters, July 5, 12, and 19, and August 2, 9, 16, and 30]. But there is no last word because the woman has flicked an “ON” switch in our national psyche. Madonna is that baby wailing for constant attention in […]