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I worked in a hospital, briefly, when I was young. I remember the feet, gnarled, twisted, misshapen, painful, worn-out from years of standing on cement factory floors. Then I worked in a factory. Sometimes the women cut out the sides of their run-down shoes so their twisted toes would have a little more room, hurt […]

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Give the Lawyer Some

To the editors: Your August 30 story “Segregation City” was a much appreciated review and assessment of the struggle for open housing in the Chicago metropolitan area and of the Leadership Council’s role in that struggle. One omission needs to be corrected. F. Willis Caruso, General Counsel for most of the agency’s 25 years, was […]

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Chicago Latino Film Festival

The seventh annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, produced by Chicago Latino Cinema and Columbia College, runs from Friday, September 27, through Sunday, October 6. An opening reception starts at 5:30 tonight at the First Chicago Center Theater, Dearborn and Madison, with a screening of What Happened to Santiago to follow at 7:30; […]

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Eddy Clearwater

Guitarist Eddy Clearwater is widely known as a purveyor of Chuck Berry-style rock-blues, but his roots go much deeper than that stereotype suggests. Clearwater, born Eddie Harrington, is a member of the same Bell-Harrington clan that boasts Lovie Lee, Carey Bell, Vernon Harrington, and Lurrie Bell. He began his Chicago career in the early 50s, […]

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MACBETH Live Theatre The posters for this show contain the first hint of trouble: Macbeth: Warrior, Lover, King. Why the subtitle for one of the best-known works of Western literature? Sounds like that archenemy of art–pretension. The program contains another hint: “Live Theatre is committed to genderless casting. There is no underlying symbolism or politics […]

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The Exercise

THE EXERCISE Mary-Arrchie Theatre Actors have a very bad reputation as human beings. The nature of their work and the strange hours they keep mean they’re often seen as childish, irresponsible liars, people with substance-abuse problems or, at the very least, a few neuroses. Plays like Lewis John Carlino’s The Exercise perpetuate these myths by […]

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Sad times for school soccer

On September 11 the soccer teams from Roosevelt and Amundsen high schools faced off in a rematch of last year’s Public League championship. They wore last year’s uniforms and played on a muddy field without bleachers, bands, or cheerleaders, while a couple of cops periodically warned both coaches and the referees to move their cars […]

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MARTY Bowen Park Theatre Company at Jack Benny Center for the Arts Originally broadcast in 1953 on the Goodyear TV Playhouse, and later adapted as a movie, Paddy Chayefsky’s Marty won four Oscars (for best picture, best screenplay, best direction, and best actor–Ernest Borgnine). Unfortunately Mark Heller, directing this production for Waukegan’s Bowen Park Theatre […]

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Double Dealing

THE FISHER KING Directed by Terry Gilliam Written by Richard LaGravenese With Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Mercedes Ruehl, Amanda Plummer, Michael Jeter, and Tom Waits. Terry Gilliam’s elephantine yet breezy The Fisher King is a gripping new-age extravaganza, visually splendid and adroitly paced. But some gross conceptual cheating–presumably the fallout of commercial ambitions–makes the film […]

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Monk’s Dream

Usually when a band comes together to honor the work of one composer, it places a premium on fidelity: the instrumentation, and even the style of the soloists, consciously evoke the dedicatee’s original recordings, and you end up with some variation on a ghost band. But Monk’s music long ago transcended this limitation; his compositions […]

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Basically Bach

Basically Bach, the enterprising period-instrument ensemble, deserves an “A” for chutzpah for attempting to subject Mozart’s greatest and most complex symphony to the “authenticity” treatment. The profound beauty and formalism of the Jupiter Symphony depend heavily on its contrasts and reconciliations, which can be best expressed by a large modern orchestra. (Even by 1788, the […]