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Different Folks

To the editors: Nick Watters [Letters, September 13] expressed disapproval at David Whiteis’s description of Cookie of Maxwell Street [August 30], finding David’s observations in such bad taste that he concluded by making snide remarks about his mental condition. The implication was that in a healthy and tasteful society, when confronted with a less privileged […]

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The Straight Dope

In my search for a new coffee maker, a concerned friend advocated a boycott of both Braun and Krups brands because they were made by German companies that manufactured concentration camp crematoria in the 1930s and 40s. Can this be true? I’m drinking tea pending your reply. Also, did Adolf Hitler really name the Volkswagen? […]

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Harry Connick Jr. Trio

Even though he’s reached stardom with his soulless, cut-rate version of Ol’ Blue Eyes–one New York observer nailed the point by referring to him as “Frank Synopsis”–Harry Connick started out as a pianist; playing in solo and trio formats, he showed a certain minor promise by unexpectedly merging his appreciation for Thelonious Monk with musical […]

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The City File

“We tend to think of time as a smooth-flowing river,” writes IIT’s Michael Davis in Perspectives on the Professions (August). “History is different. It does not so much flow as jerk along like a worn commuter train, stopping often and only rarely moving fast. This year was one of the rare moments.” Cause of death: […]

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Chillin’ of a Lesser God

CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at Petrillo Music Shell September 21 Is Daniel Barenboim facing rough waters ahead? Even before he was appointed to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s highest artistic post, the Argentinean-born conductor was getting a bad rap in the local press. One commentator attributed his strong candidacy to cronyism (the cronies being Georg Solti and […]

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Realtors Support Fair Housing

To the editors: I read with great interest Robert McClory’s article “Segregation City” [August 30], which outlined the efforts to bring an end to housing discrimination in the Chicago metropolitan community. I wish to bring to your attention a statement in that article regarding the National Association of Realtors which needs correction. The National Association […]

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An Unflinching Woman

KINGS-X TYRANNOSAURUS REX CONSTANTINOPLE Jenny Magnus at N.A.M.E. Gallery September 13 and 14 When Jenny Magnus burst into the performance space at N.A.M.E., giggling, twisting, and trying to fend off an invisible tickling attacker, there was something nearly orgasmic, and just about unbearable, about the moment. That she regained her composure was inevitable. But that […]

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I worked in a hospital, briefly, when I was young. I remember the feet, gnarled, twisted, misshapen, painful, worn-out from years of standing on cement factory floors. Then I worked in a factory. Sometimes the women cut out the sides of their run-down shoes so their twisted toes would have a little more room, hurt […]

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Give the Lawyer Some

To the editors: Your August 30 story “Segregation City” was a much appreciated review and assessment of the struggle for open housing in the Chicago metropolitan area and of the Leadership Council’s role in that struggle. One omission needs to be corrected. F. Willis Caruso, General Counsel for most of the agency’s 25 years, was […]

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Chicago Latino Film Festival

The seventh annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, produced by Chicago Latino Cinema and Columbia College, runs from Friday, September 27, through Sunday, October 6. An opening reception starts at 5:30 tonight at the First Chicago Center Theater, Dearborn and Madison, with a screening of What Happened to Santiago to follow at 7:30; […]