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The Grace of Mary Traverse

THE GRACE OF MARY TRAVERSE Pig American Productions at Transient Theatre Nowadays the brutality of a play is no liability. If anything it’s taken as proof of hard-eyed integrity and unflinching zeal to expose or explore. That’s the charitable explanation for The Grace of Mary Traverse (1985), a sprawling, violent, turgid modern melodrama by Timberlake […]

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Grady Freeman & the Family Band

The south side used to be known for its Sunday blues–at Florence’s Lounge, Louise’s South Park Lounge, and the rest of the circuit. In recent years that tradition has faded somewhat, but harpist Grady Freeman seems determined to change that situation. Freeman sings in an expressive vibrato reminiscent of Rice Miller, and his harp blowing […]

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Ghetto Theater

HANGIN’ WITH THE HOMEBOYS **** (Masterpiece) Directed and written by Joseph B. Vasquez With Doug E. Doug, Mario Joyner, John Leguizamo, Nestor Serrano, Kimberly Russell, and Mary B. Ward. Sometimes wonderful movies just don’t have a chance. Hangin’ With the Homeboys is more truthful, more fully realized, and more densely felt than Jungle Fever, Up […]

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A Room of One’s Own

Those who think of Virginia Woolf’s sharp, witty, brilliant essay A Room of One’s Own–denouncing England’s stuffy, classist, patriarchal society and calling for the intellectual, artistic, and economic independence of women–as merely an early feminist polemic sell Woolf short. True, Woolf’s essay, based on lectures she delivered at two Cambridge women’s colleges in the 20s, […]

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Labor Strife? At ‘In These Times’?/Our Inscrutable Dailies/Burge Watch

Labor Strife? At ‘In These Times’? In These Times is throwing itself on the generosity of its readers. An open letter from editor-publisher James Weinstein that’s running in the next issue begs for money. “Here’s where we are,” writes Weinstein: “We owe our freelance writers and photographers some $100,000. Many will no longer write for […]

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The Straight Dope

Has there ever been a human raised entirely by (other) animals? We are particularly interested in wolves here a la Kipling. –Hanna L. and J.P., New York It wouldn’t surprise me. One look at Axl Rose and you know the guy wasn’t raised by Ward and June Cleaver. But nobody knows for sure. The idea […]

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Jim Hall Quartet

It’s not just guitarists who speak Jim Hall’s name in hushed tones. It’s any pianist who’s dreamed of simpatico partnering after hearing Hall’s duets with the late Bill Evans; any horn player who’s thrilled to the harmonic possibilities Hall offered to Sonny Rollins or Art Farmer on their much praised recordings; and the many unschooled […]

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The City File

Animal wrongs. In a series of experiments lengthy and costly enough to make the pages of Successful Farming (March 1991), researchers at the DNX animal biology research center in Athens, Ohio, have injected DNA into 14,252 fertilized swine eggs in the last six years, seeking to produce a “better” market hog. “Out of these, only […]

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Chgicago Latino Film Festival

The seventh annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, produced by Chicago Latino Cinema and Columbia College, continues from Friday, October 4, through Thursday, October 10. Film and video screenings will be held at the Three Penny Cinema, 2424 N. Lincoln; at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton; at the Chicago Historical Society, Clark […]

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Chicago String Ensemble

In 1976 the Chicago String Ensemble opened shop as the midwest’s only professional all-string orchestra. Now, several ups and downs later, it celebrates a milestone anniversary–still the midwest’s one and only string orchestra and one of a handful in the country. Aptly, the ensemble will open its new season reprising the very first program it […]

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Notes on the Teacher Shortage

To the editors: Midway through his unintentionally hilarious defense of disco in your September 13 issue, Bill Wyman chides 70s rock-and-roll songwriters for their pretentious lyrics. However, his next few paragraphs contain four words (“logorrheic,” “lumpen,” “unparsable,” and “tautological”) that had me, an English teacher with 15 years experience on both the high school and […]

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Inner Peace

To the editors: Hey [Michael Ervin], about that concert last Friday night (the Concert for Inner Peace) . . . did we go to the same one [Our Town, September 20]? Sure there were concession stands open but what sport arena have you been to where they weren’t? In fact, when I was standing in […]