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INFUSORIA The Next Theatre Company Writer-director Dexter Bullard clearly had a good idea when he decided to build a play on the basic story of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, shifting the setting from 19th-century Norway to late-20th-century Chicago. However, for some reason his heart seems to have resisted following where his brain […]

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The Straight Dope

I read recently in the paper that approximately 1,000 frogs rained from the sky on a city in France. Is this actually possible? Do I need to take cover next time I see a dark cloud overhead? Help, I don’t want to croak! –Joe Athey, Annandale, Virginia Watch the puns, Joey. People have been targeted […]

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Invasions of Privacy

To the editors: It looks like the Reader has joined the rush to push the First Amendment to its limits by being offensive, irresponsible, and demeaning to women just to show you can. Something can be legal to do and still be morally wrong. If your publisher, Robert Roth, had decided to expose a girl’s […]

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The City File

Sorry, I won’t be able to come over the evening of December 31. I have other plans… Walgreen pharmacist Pauline Cheung advises consumers to “weed out your medicine cabinet once a year” to get rid of outdated drugs. “Because it’s an easy date to remember, I do mine every New Year’s Eve!” Things you never […]

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The Successful Censor

To the editors: As business manager for the New Art Examiner from June of 1987 through February of 1989, I was well aware that the magazine’s sometimes precarious financial position put it at the mercy of its printing company. Despite limited resources and low pay, every member of the Examiner’s staff put out substantial effort […]

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Field & Street

At least 110 species of birds nested in Cook County in 1990. Five of them were exotics: pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, mute swans, and monk parakeets. The other 105 were natives. We have these numbers thanks to an army of 196 volunteer observers who devoted free time in spring and early summer to searching parks, […]

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David Dorfman Dance

DAVID DORFMAN DANCE at the Dance Center of Columbia College November 30 and December 1 and 2 Just when you think you’ve got David Dorfman’s choreography typed, his work moves off in another direction. His strongest dances are tightly focused, neatly trimmed, and somehow emotionally exhausting no matter what they’re about–a personal encounter with mortality, […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Convicted murderer Thomas Marston argued in his recent appeal that conflicts of interest were responsible for his 1985 conviction in Mendocino County, California. He submitted evidence that his attorney had fathered the child of the then district attorney, who Marston claimed was hassling the father for support at the time of the trial. […]

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The Lion and the Jewel

THE LION AND THE JEWEL Court Theatre I suppose I could look at it any number of ways. I could choose to see The Lion and the Jewel as a chance to watch some really sharp Nigerian-style choreography, done to some really rich Nigerian-style percussion: A trio of drummers shows up from time to time […]

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Celebrity Guest

MISERY ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Rob Reiner Written by William Goldman With James Caan, Kathy Bates, Richard Farnsworth, Frances Sternhagen, and Lauren Bacall. Although it didn’t impress me too much when I first saw it, The King of Comedy has gradually come to seem the most important and resonant of Martin Scorsese’s features, largely […]