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The Answer Men

THE ANSWER MEN at the Transient Theatre The Answer Men bills itself as “the only political improv, sketch, stand-up comedy show in existence as far as we know”–which, I suppose, underscores the troupe’s narrow worldview. After all, what the hell are Aaron Freeman and Rob Kolson doing in Do the White Thing just a few […]

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The Pedicab Show/Brewha-Ha Theatre

THE PEDICAB SHOW at Second City E.T.C. BREWHA-HA THEATRE at Stage Left Theatre Anyone who’s ever wondered what most actors do for a living should check out Kevin L. Burrows’s autobiographical The Pedicab Show. In an hour or so this self-described actor, writer, and mystic not only discusses his lifelong “quest for the perfect odd […]

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Cecilia Bartoli

Gioacchino Rossini, born on February 29 two centuries ago to impoverished parents, secured fame and fortune early in life. By age 40, the composer had redefined the Italian opera and created some of its wittiest and most adroitly orchestrated comic masterpieces. He had also burned himself out; living in Paris for most of the rest […]

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The Importance of Having Fun

MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS Lifeline Theatre It’s remarkable how animated an inanimate object can appear. In Lifeline Theatre’s family matinee, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, the eponymous birds are played not by short actors in costumes or even by puppets, but by stuffed toys. They suggest a great deal of movement and personality, however, because the production’s live […]

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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

A knockout thriller that succeeds brilliantly at just about everything Scorsese’s Cape Fear only tries to do. It’s another revenge plot in which the villain (Rebecca De Mornay) attempts to destroy a family (Annabella Sciorra, Matt McCoy, Madeline Zima) from within, but there’s no pretentious art agenda on the filmmakers’ minds; they merely work the […]

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Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Of all the high-powered dance-pop bands that make up what’s being called a new British Invasion (what is it–the sixth? seventh?), Ned’s Atomic Dustbin is the most hard-edged. What unites these bands–Ned’s, the benignly successful EMF, the more studied and intense Primal Scream, the dippy and callow Jesus Jones, and several others–is an unapologetic faith […]