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New Standards

To the editors: Life in the 1990s is tough enough. Where would we be without the forces of political correctness telling us what we can and cannot say? Let me see if I have this straight: No white man may satirize or criticize any person of another race because, as everybody knows, white men occupy […]

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AIN’T IT NICE Willie Kent Delmark DD-653 Bassist Willie Kent is a genial, powerfully built west-side bluesman whose music reflects his personality: no-nonsense, sober minded, and unpretentious. He’s held down weekend gigs for years at neighborhood venues like the Majestic on Pulaski and Mr. Tee’s on Lake; in recent years he’s become increasingly well-known in […]

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The Inner Circle

Ever since he moved to the West, filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky has been an invaluable presence not only for his considerable talent but also for his capacity to translate Russian dramatic forms into American entertainments. Returning to Russia to film (in English) the story, partly based on fact, of Joseph Stalin’s personal projectionist, he broaches a […]

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Ecclesiastical Misogyny

To the editors: Robert McClory is to be commended for his excellent article about the recent cataclysmic changes at Saint Catherine-Saint Lucy in Oak Park. Since Mr. McClory quoted me in the article, however, I would like to take the opportunity to correct a few inaccuracies. First, in the group interview of November 4, 1991, […]

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The Sum of Us

THE SUM OF US Pegasus Players The relationship between a father and his son, even under the best circumstances, is extremely high-voltage. A son trying to forge his own identity is driven by some perverse instinct to emulate and please his father–which makes him subservient, a position bound to arouse anger and resentment. A father […]

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Mark Twain in Person

“Clothes make the man,” Mark Twain wrote. “Naked people have little or no influence in society.” In this one-man show drawn from little-known stories and unpublished anecdotes by and about the great humorist, Richard Henzel shuffles and struts in a dapper white suit, which he calls “the uniform of the American Association of Purity and […]

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The Death of Zukasky

THE DEATH OF ZUKASKY Victory Gardens Given the dominance of corporations in America’s political and economic life, it’s surprising that more plays poking fun at them aren’t produced. In the 20 or so years following World War II, the years when Big Business established its hegemony, there were plenty of plays and movies (The Apartment, […]

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Twelfth Night

TWELFTH NIGHT Goodman Theatre The great comedienne Anna Russell used to do a monologue about the chairwoman of a ladies’ club welcoming a flock of culture vultures to a concert. “Our organization stands for the better things in art,” Russell hooted, “not expecting either reward or enjoyment. I think Shakespeare summed it up so beautifully: […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Tulsa psychiatrist Mark Kelley, accused of abuse by patient Victoria Spiegel, admitted to a jury in September that he “allowed” her to suck his thumb during therapy sessions, but only because one of her multiple personalities was “infantile” and needed support. However, he denied Spiegel’s claims that any of the personalities had ever […]