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Credit Due

One of the photographs accompanying last week’s Our Town article on Joan Jett Blakk showed a large cutout poster that was displayed at her campaign event. We should have credited the artist who created the original: his name is Lee Kay. The editors

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Da Books

To the editors: Guild helps Chicago think [Letters, January 3]? The impression I get is that they are purveyors of poetry, performance art, books, and occasionally music, to audiences who are already familiar with or open to the material presented. Further, they present that material to an audience not committed enough to pay for it. […]

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The City File

What we learn from Atari games, from a recent release: “Wanna be a cop? Try A.P.B., the game where the more donuts you eat, the better your chances are to nail your quota of bad guys.” Signs of intelligent life in the cemeteries? Biologist Lawrence Slobodkin in a forthcoming book (Harvard University Press catalog, Spring): […]

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The Choice Between Art and Life

LA BELLE NOISEUSE **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Jacques Rivette Written by Pascal Bonitzer, Christine Laurent, and Rivette With Michel Piccoli, Emmanuelle Beart, Jane Birkin, David Bursztein, Gilles Arbona, Marianne Denicourt, and the hand of Bernard Dufour. Considering how rarely the achievements of art match up with the achievements of commerce, it’s a pleasure to note […]

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M. William Karlins, Robert Lombardo, and Alan Stout have at least a few things in common: they’re all well-established local composers about to turn 60. This joint birthday salute by the chamber collective Cube may shed some light on their other attributes. Karlins and Stout, who’ve been colleagues at Northwestern University for more than a […]

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Eddie Burks

They used to call Eddie Burks “Jewtown”–his intense vocals and raw-edged harmonica style sound as if they were nurtured in the hardscrabble blues atmosphere of the Maxwell Street Market. Burks has been a blues mainstay in Chicago for years, gigging on his own and occasionally with Jimmy Dawkins and other bandleaders, but until recently he’s […]

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12 Reasons to Visit Hyde Park

To the editors: I don’t want to become embroiled in the Guild Books controversy [Hot Type, November 15] since I haven’t visited Guild in years and I’m not familiar with their situation. I did, however, want to offer several small corrections to Z. Merryweather’s letter in your January 3 edition. I believe the bookstore Merryweather […]

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Property Rights

To the editors: With regard to Harold Henderson’s “Land Battle” [December 6], why is it that individuals who try to protect their own hard earned land, or other property, from forcible expropriation are labeled “nasty” and having “bad manners” while the people who want to take their property away under flimsy pretenses are only mildly […]

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Field & Street

A check of my phone book reveals four listings under the heading “Wild Onion.” They include a restaurant and a yoga center. And though it’s not in the phone book, there is also a group called the Wild Onion Alliance, whose goal is to promote bioregionalism. All of these are named in honor of Chicago, […]

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New Standards

To the editors: Life in the 1990s is tough enough. Where would we be without the forces of political correctness telling us what we can and cannot say? Let me see if I have this straight: No white man may satirize or criticize any person of another race because, as everybody knows, white men occupy […]

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AIN’T IT NICE Willie Kent Delmark DD-653 Bassist Willie Kent is a genial, powerfully built west-side bluesman whose music reflects his personality: no-nonsense, sober minded, and unpretentious. He’s held down weekend gigs for years at neighborhood venues like the Majestic on Pulaski and Mr. Tee’s on Lake; in recent years he’s become increasingly well-known in […]