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News of the Weird

Lead Story In September the town council of Avon, Colorado, held a contest to name the new bridge over the Eagle River linking I-70 with U.S. highway 6. After sifting through 84 suggestions (such as “Eagle Crossing”), the council voted 4-2 to give it the official name “Bob.” Chutzpah Pasadena, California, lawyer Raymond Newman, who […]

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Shouts and Whispers

SHOUTS AND WHISPERS Lifeline Theatre “A story, a poem, should invent the language in which to tell itself,” Edward Parone writes in an introductory note to his stage adaptation of Susan Sontag’s short story “The Way We Live Now.” Parone could very well have added that a play too must find the language in which […]

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Femme Fatale

FEMME FATALE Mary-Arrchie Theatre He’s a New York cabbie, bitter and street-smart. She’s a sweet nurse dressed in white, as pure as the driven snow. Or is she? Maybe there’s something more to her, maybe she’s hiding something. Maybe there’s a murder in her past, something involving a silk tie, a broken lamp, and a […]

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Mr. Thank You

One of the most unusual–and unusually beautiful–films I have ever seen is Hiroshi Shimizu’s Mr. Thank You (1936), which follows the route, passengers, and driver (“Mr. Thank You”) of a bus in rural Japan. A series of minor incidents unfolds with the gentle rhythm of a Japanese scroll painting, and gradually it becomes apparent not […]