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Gamblers Unanimous/Can ‘Inside Chicago’ Come Back?/Media Guide/Columnist’s Intuition

Gamblers Unanimous It’s always easier to debate an issue once you’re certain it has nothing to do with morality. Well, the papers were quick to clear that underbrush away from the lively argument Chicago and the state are about to enter over whether to build a $2 billion casino-entertainment complex that would be the city’s […]

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Tatum Family Blues

TATUM FAMILY BLUES ETA Creative Arts Foundation On June 10, 1940, Chordam Tatum had a vision in which an apparition prophesied the coming of a “Lord of the Circle” who would lead his black brethren home to the motherland–and who would be the product of Chordam’s impending marriage with his sweetheart Varianne. Thirty years later […]

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Recording of Misdeeds

To the editors: I would like to share some facts and opinions on senatorial candidate Recorder Carol Moseley Braun [March 6] to balance the media rush to place her on a pedestal. Braun takes credit for the “profit” of the recorder’s office, but it has been historically taking in more money than budgeted. Last year […]

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Who Is the Church?

To the editors: Who is the church that R.M. Schultz [Letters, March 13] says exists to lead people out of their own selfish desires? The church is a body of human beings headed by Christ. As a devout Christian who regularly attends church, I can say–as could many others–that some of the most misguided Christians […]

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White Men Can’t Jump

After the disappointing Blaze, writer-director Ron Shelton is back on track with the same mixture of sports action, sexual sparring, and comic, slangy dialogue that sparked Bull Durham. Like that earlier comedy, this is enough of a structural mess to lose itself somewhere before the end, but the jazzy surface action is even more lively […]

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Stories of War

To the editors: As a Marine who served in the same regiment as John M. and his cohorts, I would like to rebut J.E. Geovanis’s article [January 17]. The point of the article I take to be that the war, the Marine Corps, and American society has harmed these Marines, not just materially by taking […]

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Andrea Marcovicci

This superb cabaret singer possesses high intelligence as well as a warm, vibrant alto, and she puts the combination to wonderful use in “I’ll Be Seeing You: The Love Songs of World War II.” This evening-long dramatic concert is much more than just a 1940s torch-tune hit parade; Marcovicci’s thoughtfully structured selection of songs by […]

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Up from Mississippi: the unself-conscious blues of Roosevelt “Booba” Barnes

Observers of popular music never tire of lamenting the artistic dilution that inevitably seems to accompany commercial success. It’s been argued, in fact, that the entire history of pop music since the rockabilly explosion of the early 50s has been one of attrition: a revolutionary musical force is unleashed, it’s co-opted by the recording-industry conglomerates, […]

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Wellness at Work

To the editors: I read David Moberg’s account of Joe Kinney’s crusade [January 31]. He is an unusual man. But his way of doing things appears destructive not only to himself but people he really needs, like his family and friends. The man in probably every other way is probably a sweetheart. But to maintain […]

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Directors Festival 1992

The 60-some one-acts (three per night) in Bailiwick Repertory’s Directors Festival 1992, produced by Cecilie Keenan, range from plays and musicals to performance art and monologues; some are well-established classic and contemporary selections, while others are brand-new pieces. They’re mounted by a slew of directors, most of them little known, who are looking for an […]

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How to Write a $3 Million Script

BASIC INSTINCT No stars (Worthless) Directed by Paul Verhoeven Written by Joe Eszterhas With Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Denis Arndt, Leilani Sarelle, and Dorothy Malone. What’s really news about Basic Instinct isn’t that it’s number one at the box office; after all, that happens to some movie every week. Nor is […]

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Right on the Money

To the editors: I agree with Professor Robert Eisner [“Damn the Deficit! Full Employment Ahead!” February 28]. Mr. Eisner is right on the money! I am also an econoclast, and a Keynesian. I studied economics at Mary Hardin-Baylor College, Belton, Texas (Fort Hood Education Center). I got an A in Economics 101, I studied Economics […]

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Calendar Photo Caption

An exhibit of Karen Butler’s watercolors inspired by urban gardens begins today at the Gilman-Gruen Galleries, 226 W. Superior. The paintings in her “Inner Garden” series, including The Wish, at left, go on view during a reception from 5 to 8 tonight and will remain through April 29. For more information call 337-6262.