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A Truckload of Brilliance

To the editors: I was much intrigued by Jonathan Rosenbaum’s fascinating essay on one of my favorite films, Clouzot’s The Wages of Fear in the Reader of March 6. I have seen it twice, over a period of several decades, as well as William Friedkin’s Sorcerer, which carried an acknowledgment of debt to the former […]

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Calendar Photo Caption

Rock photographer Paul Natkin has collected a bunch of his photos of blues icons, including this one of Muddy Waters, and hung them in the Blue Room at the Mirador restaurant, 1400 N. Wells. Natkin plans to donate the proceeds from any sales to the Chicago Academy of the Arts/Willie Dixon Scholarship fund, but it’s […]

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Double drivel

The wild hysterical potential of the early Bruce Springsteen–it’s largely forgotten now, but at the time it had a lot to do with people thinking that they’d found an Elvis with a brain–was exciting but carried with it worries as well: at the time, the early and mid-70s, people were just beginning to get a […]

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Roseanna Vitro/Laurel Masse

The matter of what actually constitutes a jazz vocalist has sparked serious debate since the swing era. Do they have to improvise? (No.) Do they have to sing “jazz tunes”? (No.) Does Frank Sinatra count? (Almost, sometimes.) This weekend’s appearances by Laurel Masse and Roseanna Vitro may not resolve the issue, but you may be […]

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Peabody Trio

For its local debut, the Peabody Trio–trained at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and now the resident ensemble of Baltimore’s Peabody Institute–will play a pair of recent works by transplanted Chicagoans. Shulamit Ran, last year’s Pulitzer Prize winner, is represented by Excursions (1980), a neo-romantic string trio tinged with the hothouse sensuality of her […]

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Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues

Harmonica virtuoso Corky Siegel has assembled some high-quality talent for this light concert, in which traditional blues idioms will be playfully processed through the orchestral styles of classical and romantic chamber music. Violinists Lisa Wurman and Katherine Hughes, violist Richard Halajian, and cellist Felix Wurman, known collectively as the Consortium String Quartet, have been touring […]

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Deep Cover

Larry Fishburne plays a cop who poses as a Hollywood drug dealer in order to infiltrate and destroy a cocaine cartel, but gradually discovers that the U.S. State Department has other political priorities and agendas in mind. Amply fulfilling the promise recently shown in A Rage in Harlem, director Bill Duke does a terrific job […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story At a high school basketball game in February, Oklahoma City police officer Eldridge Wyatt became dissatisfied that no fouls were being called on number 21 and walked onto the court to point out the player’s elbowing to the referees. When referee Stan Guffey told Wyatt to leave the officiating to him, Wyatt arrested […]

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Deep Listening Band

Pauline Oliveros, like her more famous soul mate John Cage, is one of those all-around artists who change our ideas about music and performance. For Oliveros and her group of collaborators, the Deep Listening Band, music–or rather assemblages of sounds–should be but one aspect of an aesthetic experience. She constructs her scenarios, which always invite […]