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Decaying Myths

TONY FITZPATRICK AND OBAJI NYAMBI at Lorenzo Rodriguez Gallery Midway between the crumbling Kennedy Expressway and the rough edges of Bucktown, the spare storefront of Lorenzo Rodriguez’s home and gallery glows with carefully placed interior lights. Known about town for his large-scale art-strewn warehouse parties catering to Chicago’s black-leather-jacket bohemia, Rodriguez settled his art interest […]

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Vinny Golia Trio

On instruments from baritone sax to flute, Los Angeleno Vinny Golia makes music with power, precision, and poetry: demanding, challenging, and worth everything you put into it as a listener. (If Marlon Brando had played jazz, I fancy it would’ve sounded like this.) His technique bristles with the integrity typical of those who’ve tamed the […]

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Beyond the Pale

BEYOND THE PALE Caravan Productions at the Heartland Studio Beyond the Pale is an impressive example of what can be done with an idea, some talented people, and a few dollars. A very few dollars. Conceived by the director, Jessica Thebus, and one of the cast members, Shannon Jackson, this play consists of eight Chicago […]

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Romancing Stone

“I think I found a bombshell, actually,” exclaimed Chris Larson, clutching his 14-by-22-inch grainy blowup photo of President John Kennedy’s brain spurting out of his skull. “I think this is the smoking gun everyone’s looking for.” Larson had come all the way from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to show his prized reproduction to director Oliver Stone at […]

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Hooey for Hollywood

THE PLAYER * (Has redeeming facet) Directed by Robert Altman Written by Michael Tolkin With Tim Robbins, Greta Scacchi, Fred Ward, Whoopi Goldberg, Peter Gallagher, Brion James, Cynthia Stevenson, and Dean Stockwell. Movies-about-moviemaking tend to come in two flavors: the celebratory (Day for Night, Singin’ in the Rain) and the sardonic (Sunset Boulevard, The Bad […]

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Man, Woman, Tension

AT THE DROP OF A HAT . . . and PLEASE, CONSIDER ME A DREAM Robyn Orlin and Mathew Wilson at the International Performance Studio at Facets Multimedia April 24-26 and May 1-3 Robyn Orlin’s At the Drop of a Hat . . . and Mathew Wilson’s Please, Consider Me a Dream, now playing at […]

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All the Vermeers in New York

Jon Jost’s ravishing independent feature about art, money, and loneliness in Manhattan–beautifully shot in ‘Scope by Jost himself and with a wonderful, Gil Evans-ish big-band jazz score by Jon A. English–can be viewed as a kind of companion piece to Jost’s earlier Rembrandt Laughing (1988), which dealt with several friends and acquaintances over several months […]

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Opportunity Knocks

To the editors: Boy, there sure won’t be any passionate editorials to save the Borg Warner Building if the Chicago Symphony Orchestra goes ahead with its plan to knock it down [The Culture Club, April 17]. What a monstrosity! If I had to work in the ugliest building on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue wall, I would […]

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10,800 Seconds: Music of the Moment

Local composer and multiinstrumentalist Gene Coleman headlines tonight’s multimedia extravaganza “10,800 Seconds: Music of the Moment”–part of New Music Chicago’s week-long festival and a neat complement to tomorrow afternoon’s marathon at the Cultural Center that features new works in a more traditional vein. The format of this three-hour show pairs unconventional music with avant-garde films […]