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Nights of the Blue Rider

The 50-odd groups appearing in the eight-week “festival of Chicago’s international arts” include a dozen theater companies and performance artists; those performing October 31 through November 7 are described below. These listings refer to theater and performance art offerings only; on nights when only one theater company is listed here, be assured at least one […]

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Pair of Spectacles

THE DUMB SHOW: A REAL LIVE FABLE Redmoon Theater at the Blue Rider Theatre October 26 and 27 SOCK MONKEYS at the Blue Rider Theatre October 24-26 A friend who went to a men’s movement workshop was told a Russian story that captures the contradictions of growing up male. A boy finds a feather from […]

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Reel Life: going back to Judaism

Like many younger Jews, Mimi Rosenbush and Beverly Siegel have abandoned assimilation and taken up the traditions of their mothers and fathers. Out of their experience the two Chicagoans have produced an impassioned one-hour documentary called Return Trips that reflects their belief that devotion to Judaism can be a transcendent force for good. “Judaism is […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Larry Shelton James was arrested for bank robbery in Durham, North Carolina, in June after he became trapped in the First Union Bank. He got into the bank early in the morning by breaking a window with a large rock, but after finding no money in the teller drawers, decided not to exit […]

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Club Dates: folk-rockin’ writers with bongos and ukulele

Ed’s Redeeming Qualities inhabits a netherworld between artful design and inartful execution. They’re basically a folk band, but they don’t really sing ballads, have no use for their musical predecessors, and occasionally pep up a song with a distorted electric guitar. They have the sensibility of a rock band–a smarty-pants college-type rock band–but who ever […]

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The Garden

Derek Jarman’s lyrical and visionary movie–made after he tested HIV positive and before he made his highly political version of Marlowe’s Edward II–alternates views of his own sleeping and dreaming figure as well as his seaside home and garden with apocalyptic or enigmatic images of the life of Jesus, the state-endorsed persecution of homosexuals (among […]

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Three Wishes

THREE WISHES Livewires Children’s Theatre at Live Theatre Three Wishes, by Corrina Maurio, is not one of those shows for adults and kids alike. There’s very little in this thinly disguised morality play about the dangers of lying to hold an adult’s interest. But the kids seemed to really enjoy the show–all of them lined […]

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Frank Abbinanti, Caroline Pittman, Gene Coleman, Jim O’Rourke, and George Blanchet

One dilemma confronting the contemporary composer is how to fashion coherent, meaningful, and relevant music from the bewildering wealth of techniques and materials at his disposal. Local new-music maven Frank Abbinanti believes that one way is to create works that are free, more or less, from the rigidities of a predetermined structure–sort of a compromise […]