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Lunar Music

CONTEMPORARY CHAMBER PLAYERS at Mandel Hall April 24, 1992 In John Eaton’s Notes on Moonlight, the moon is both a harsh and coy mistress. The song cycle, premiered by the Contemporary Chamber Players in their annual Paul Fromm concert, presents a series of lunar images from five poets’ sometimes worshipful, sometimes ambivalent musings. Scored for […]

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Secrets of the Orient

M. BUTTERFLY Wisdom Bridge Theatre When I saw M. Butterfly on Broadway in 1988, I was dazzled by the epical proportions of the design and performances. The sprawling stage was outfitted with a long, winding ramp and decorated with all manner of screens and drapes to evoke the story’s Chinese setting. The cast, headed by […]

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Edward II

My candidate for the best Derek Jarman movie to date is this politically potent and deliberately shocking and anachronistic adaptation of the Christopher Marlowe play that rethinks it in terms of contemporary English homophobia and just about everything else that might be summed up as the Thatcher-Reagan legacy. Shooting his spare settings in crisp 35-millimeter […]