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An Evening With Peter Ustinov

There’s a mean streak in Sir Peter Ustinov that I like. It’s nice to know that so accomplished a personage isn’t above using his acquaintanceships with notable people as fodder for witty, ungenerous anecdotes and impersonations, delivered in Ustinov’s distinctive style–ironic, melancholy, and slightly weary, the attitude of a cosmopolite who’s fluent in many languages […]

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Savage Sucker Punch

THE MARRIAGE OF BETTE AND BOO Apple Tree Theatre Christopher Durang’s The Marriage of Bette and Boo is a nasty little comic masterpiece pointed at the heart of the ideal American family. Injustice and small cruelties abound in the world of Bette, Boo, and their extended families. Marriage is a mine field of miscommunication, family […]

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Low Income Housing

To the editors: Thanks for your piece [Neighborhood News, May 1] about Pam Gore and her low rent hotels. More could (and should) be written not only about the hotels but about low income rental housing. The few private entrepreneurs still running low rent multiunit buildings are a disappearing species. We are being driven out […]