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Let It Bleed

ONCE IN DOUBT Remains Theatre Take my arm, take my leg Aw, baby, don’t ya take my head . . . We all need someone we can bleed on And if you want it baby Well, you can bleed on me . . . –Rolling Stones The bloodshed in Once in Doubt is imaginary. If […]

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Potent Pessimism

FILMS BY CY ENDFIELD The role of a work of art is to plunge people into horror. If the artist has a role, it is to confront people–and himself first of all–with this horror, this feeling that one has when one learns about the death of someone one has loved. –Jacques Rivette in an interview, […]

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Power Lunch/The Fantasticks

POWER LUNCH at Cafe Voltaire THE FANTASTICKS Avenue Theatre The menu at Cafe Voltaire features items like vegetarian sloppy joes, sesame noodles, and peach-apricot-strawberry milk shakes. But the main course in Alan Ball’s clever comedy Power Lunch, presented as an experience in “environmental urban dinner theater,” is fantasy. Make that fantasies–the immature, improbable, sometimes interchangeable […]

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Fight Fight

“So, what’re you doing on Wednesday?” “Me?” “Yeah, you. Who else do you see around here? Am I talking to anyone else? I’m talking to you. What are you doing on Wednesday?” “Probably playing some basketball. Why?” “No reason.” “What’s going on Wednesday?” “Nothing special.” “What?” “Just a fight. But you probably wouldn’t be interested.” […]

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Harvest the Frost

HARVEST THE FROST ETA Creative Arts Foundation Productions praised as “ensemble pieces” generally seem pressed from the same mold. They are typically loud, energetic, and raucous, with a lot of people running around and yelling. Such work can be thrilling, but more often than not it’s just boring. It would have been easy to do […]

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Trust Them

THE SOCK MONKEYS at the Dance Center of Columbia College June 25-27 Though they’re often perceived as a dance troupe, the Sock Monkeys–with their weird little songs, playful aggression, and constant tweaks at technique and convention–seem a lot more like performance artists. And though their use of many media, and of both text and movement, […]

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Buddy . . . the Buddy Holly Story

Rock-and-roll lore holds that in his first public performance, in a Texas talent show, five-year-old Buddy Holly sang “Down the River of Memories.” That’s exactly where this British musical based on Holly’s life and legend aims to take its audience, and thanks to a package of great Holly hits and a warm and commanding lead […]

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Together Alone

TOGETHER ALONE at Cafe Voltaire Together Alone, originally a low-budget black-and-white film by P.J. Castellaneta and David Dechant, won highest praise at gay and lesbian film festivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, and Berlin. It’s easy to see how one could fall in love with this script, in which a potentially disastrous one-night stand […]

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Joel Owes Me Dinner

JOEL OWES ME DINNER Spit & Tape Theatre Company at Angel Island D.H. Lawrence, in one of his more anti-Christian moments, once suggested England would be better off if no one read the Bible for a generation. That way the generation that followed could read it with fresh eyes. I’m beginning to feel the same […]

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Unlawful Entry

An efficient little thriller that imparts loads of queasiness and reasonable amounts of suspense while serving as an excellent corrective to the shameless celebrations of LA police power and brutality in Lethal Weapon 3. The LA cop in this case (effectively played by Ray Liotta) is a psycho who falls for an attractive yuppie housewife […]