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Hag Bashing

DEATH BECOMES HER No stars (Worthless) Directed by Robert Zemeckis Written by Martin Donovan and David Koepp With Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Isabella Rossellini, Ian Ogilvy, Adam Storke, and Sydney Pollack. “The copper is fair game for pies, likewise any fat man. Fat faces and pies seem to have a peculiar affinity. If […]

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David Owen Norris

A musical polymath, David Owen Norris was already well-known in his native England for his piano broadcasts and TV commentaries when he was named last year as the first Gilmore Artist. Valued at $250,000, the award–given by Kalamazoo’s Gilmore Festival–is intended to promote a touring career by subsidizing much of the fees and expenses. Norris […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Princeton University finally granted Milton Babbitt a doctoral degree in mathematics in January–46 years after it rejected his dissertation on the mathematics of the 12-tone musical system of modern composers. The university recently concluded that Babbitt’s work was so advanced at the time that no one at Princeton understood it. In the ensuing […]

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The Return of Larry Eyler

When he was sentenced to death for the murder of an Uptown boy prostitute, police and prosecutors thought they had brought an end to a long series of gruesome homosexual murders. But the killing hasn’t stopped, and now Eyler is returning to court with a s In a Rogers Park alley on August 21, 1984, […]

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Worlds in Wild Disorder

OUT OF ORDER Candlelight’s Forum Theatre LEND ME A TENOR Apollo Theater Center It’s no accident that two very funny farces currently running take place in hotel suites. Hotels are perfect settings for farce: even the classiest joints have an inescapable taint of naughtiness–hotels are where you go to do things you can’t do at […]

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Tales Told in Movement

DANCING WITH PEOPLE FROM MY BRAIN at the Dance Center of Columbia College July 24 and 25 Paula Frasz has the kind of daring, the raunchy, wild merriment just under the skin, the wicked talent for observation that I value in my friends. Striking out on her own after several years of dancing with Mordine […]

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Right On! The Original Last Poets

A fascinating time capsule-shot in 1968, released in 1970–this is a filmed performance by three angry, talented black poets. Gylan Kain, Felipe Luciano, and David Nelson recite their rhythmic, passionate work to Afro-Cuban percussion (with occasional flute and guitar) on a rooftop and other urban ghetto settings, working out a highly politicized poetics that anticipates […]

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Speed the Play

SPEED THE PLAY Strawdog Theatre Strawdog Theatre Company’s Speed the Play offers something that very few theater companies in the city are offering these days–an intelligent evening. Though these four one-acts are radically different in form and content, they’re linked by the desire to satirize contemporary society and to leave the audience with something interesting […]

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War Stories/Quayle for President!

War Stories The chasm that divides experience from language is often very slowly crossed. Some 40 years ago Lisa Fittko and Akio Inoue, emigres employed by the same small Chicago import company, became friends. World War II had transformed both their lives, and neither was comfortable talking about it. Fittko thought about a book for […]