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Yuppie Dogs

To the editors: Ben Joravsky’s “Turd Wars: How low can Lincoln Parkers go?” (Neighborhood News, July 17) is an interesting slice on the perils of daily life in Lincoln Park. During the past several years, dog ownership has become de rigueur among the hordes of yuppies who have descended on the quiet, treelined streets of […]

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Icon Complaints

SCREAMING TO BE FREE FROM THE ICON TREE Kristin Amondsen at Beat Kitchen August 5, 12, 19, and 26 In her multimedia piece Screaming to Be Free From the Icon Tree, performance poet Kristin Amondsen seeks to throw off the shackles of modern icons and live a free and unrestrained life. These icons have been […]

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Foul Ball

To the editors: This letter is in response to the article written by Anne Moore which appeared on July 3 containing an interview with Terry Donahue from the All American Girls Professional Baseball League [Our Town]. More specifically, this letter is to address the remark printed in this piece that “There’s a women’s baseball league […]

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Raising Cain

The whipping boy of American cinema misbehaves again. It’s hard to make much sense out of Brian De Palma’s discombobulated thriller, about a demented child psychologist (John Lithgow) who snatches up kiddies for home study and communes with his evil twin (Lithgow again) and maybe-less-than dad (Lithgow in Bruno Bettelheim drag) as his domestic life […]

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The Private Ear/The Public Eye

THE PRIVATE EAR and THE PUBLIC EYE Interplay Peter Shaffer packs his “lighter” plays with the same multifaceted meaning and lengthy philosophical discourse as his most somber works–Equus, Amadeus, The Royal Hunt of the Sun. He also uses the same theme–the ultrasensitive idealist’s struggle to live comfortably in a mediocre world. The major difference is […]

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Stuck in the Past

To the editors: I am a black long-time Hyde Park resident. Appalled, I ask: Why did the Reader publish an outmoded type of sociological study which degraded Hyde Park, current race relations, human interactions, and the black communities? “Slim and Bart” by Mitchell Duneier [August 7] was excerpted from a dissertation published by the University […]

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The Straight Dope

Can you tell me why the missionary position is called the missionary position? If the woman gets on top, is that the heathen position? Is there a difference between the Lutheran missionary position, the Methodist missionary position, and for that matter the Zoroastrian missionary position? –Victor M. Cassidy, Chicago Victor, you’re so juvenile. Learn to […]

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The Golden Coach

Essential viewing. Anna Magnani plays the head of a commedia dell’arte troupe touring colonial Peru in the early 18th century who dallies with her three lovers (Paul Campbell, Ricardo Rioli, and Duncan Lamont) in this pungent, gorgeous color masterpiece by Jean Renoir, shot in breathtaking images by his brother Claude. In fact, this filmic play-within-a-play, […]

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The City File

Where is the “Planet of the Arthropods”? Free-lance photographer Jim Rowan has found a planet where there are four times as many species of spiders, grasshoppers, butterflies, cicadas, and other arthropods than there are species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish combined. Rowan’s pictures of the earth’s most successful animal phylum may be seen […]