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Jazz is the music of the young, goes the old cliche; it surely helps to have plenty of stamina and energy for the late-night, sometimes all-night Outerfest shows. But with this year’s Chicago Jazz Festival severely truncated, the mostly free-jazz Outerfest assumes special importance. The music begins sometime after 10:30, when the main festival in […]

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Eliminate the Middleman

To the editors: The author McClory’s interpretation of Willow Creek at first questions the seemingly wholesome establishment, yet ends on an affirmative note, an endorsement [“Superchurch,” August 7]. Another version of this “house of God” should point out the grand illusion Bill Hybels and his co-Christians generate, i.e., the illusion that God indeed can be […]

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A Preliminary Inquiry Into the Methods Used to Create and Maintain a Segregated Society

A PRELIMINARY INQUIRY INTO THE METHODS USED TO CREATE AND MAINTAIN A SEGREGATED SOCIETY Bailiwick Repertory and the Chicago Theatre Company You’re either part of the solution, Eldridge Cleaver said, or part of the problem. A Preliminary Inquiry Into the Methods Used to Create and Maintain a Segregated Society offers a plethora of problems but […]

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Insulting to Women

To the editors: I am writing to voice my objection to the publication of Paul Pekin’s “Woman in Custody” [June 19]. Clearly, the piece conveys an attitude that is dehumanizing to women; by printing it the Reader gives it a credibility it does not deserve. While the story seems like so much fluff, its lack […]

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Live at 55: Stormy Monday Band & Louisiana Red Meet Carey Bell/Jimmy Dawkins–Kant Sheck Dees Bluze/Dave Hole–Short Fuse Blues

LIVE AT 55: STORMY MONDAY BAND & LOUISIANA RED MEET CAREY BELL Blues Beacon 1010-2 KANT SHECK DEES BLUZE Jimmy Dawkins Earwig 4920 SHORT FUSE BLUES Dave Hole Alligator 4807 Sometimes it seems there’s a never-ending stream of blues “guitar monsters” coming off some vast assembly line, all firing up their Stratocasters and firing off […]

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Salvation insurance

To the editors: In response to Robert McClory’s article on “Superchurch” (August 7), I think these megachurches are a sham. First, they reinterpret the Christian gospel into a salvation insurance policy for an elite. The Christian gospel is much more about liberation, compassion for the poor, and this-worldly ethics to create a God-like world and […]

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A Brief History of Time

While I can’t vouch for the adequacy of this documentary as an adaptation of Stephen Hawking’s best-selling book, this is my favorite picture by Errol Morris (Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line) to date–a cogent and fascinating presentation of Hawking’s theories about the origin and fate of the universe, intercut with an account of […]

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Close Ties

CLOSE TIES Temporary Theatre Company at the Mayfair United Methodist Church I am married to three sisters. And apparently it’s not all that uncommon. I exchanged vows with only one of them, of course, but where one is, the other two are present also–at least in spirit. The rivalries among them, the way they adapted […]