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Trip Shakespeare

When last we left Trip Shakespeare, these four gentle moon children from Minneapolis had defied expectations by recording a minor pop masterpiece, Across the Universe. Their fourth album, it was all Beatlesy harmonies, talkative guitars, and irresistible charm, whether they were singing about the joys of a car wreck or how drummers get no respect. […]

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Dying in the Closet

To the editors: In Mad as Hell’s letter [October 25], he voiced a number of concerns that many HIV-impacted persons share. I commend you for printing the letter. At the letter’s end, I was dismayed and saddened, however, to find that the author had withheld his name. Mad concludes by saying, “I intend to investigate […]

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Malicious and Delicious

AFTER TASTE Cardiff Giant A short tolerance test to see if you’re ready for After Taste: What if Kool-Aid had capitalized on the 1978 Jonestown massacre to mass-market its product? You know, with commercials like “Follow the leader! Nine hundred and eleven zealots can’t be wrong!” or “It’s lip-smacking, thirst-quenching, heart-stopping good!” If you’re not […]

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White Men at It Again

To the editors: For years I have been concerned and deeply grieved by the constant menace to fast disappearing indigenous populations. By far the greatest threat has consistently been the technologically powerful and aggressively dominant “white man.” It is with this preoccupation that I feel compelled to express my outrage at the mendacity of the […]

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The Good War

THE GOOD WAR Prologue Theatre Productions at the First Unitarian Church Since Prologue’s 1988 stage adaptation of Studs Terkel’s The Good War, the U.S. has been involved in a couple of popular little military excursions: the invasion of Panama and, of course, Desert Storm. But even though Terkel’s premise is that World War II was […]

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Girl With a Camera

VIDEOS BY SADIE BENNING “I would like to call this new age of cinema the age of the camera-stylo [camera-pen],” Alexandre Astruc wrote prophetically in 1948 in the journal Ecran francais. “This metaphor has a very precise sense. By it I mean that the cinema will gradually break free from the tyranny of what is […]

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Winner of ’61

To the editors: Please be advised that, contrary to the statement by your film-festival reviewer, The Hustler did NOT win the Oscar for Best Picture of 1961. That honor went to West Side Story. N.G. North Side Jonathan Rosenbaum replies: Thanks for the correction.

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Uptown, Downtown

To the editors: I would like to debate your Mr. Lazare on the comments he made concerning the pros and cons on the Uptown Theatre and the reasons he says that it can’t/shouldn’t be done [Culture Club, October 18]. While I myself do not claim to be an expert on the feasibility of restoring one […]

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Women’s Story

Peng Xiaolian’s aptly titled feminist feature from the People’s Republic of China (1988) follows the adventures of three peasant women who leave their oppressive village to sell wool in Beijing and a provincial city before returning to their ambiguous fates in the village. Peng sticks exclusively to the viewpoints of her three heroines, revealing herself […]

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Bringing Back Barber

CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at Orchestra Hall October 26 and November 3 Samuel Barber had the misfortune to peak early. In 1933, when he was barely 23 and fresh out of the Curtis Institute, the Philadelphia Orchestra introduced his very first orchestral score. Other premieres and honors soon followed, including a prestigious Prix de Rome that […]

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One of the Greats

SUSANNE LINKE at the Harold Washington Library Theatre November 8 and 9 There’s a moment near the end of Susanne Linke’s Flut (“Flood”) when you realize that she can either dance the climactic feeling of this solo or let it be. She lets it be, abandoning the stage to the final chords of Gabriel Faure’s […]

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The Straight Dope

The perception that some number combinations appear more frequently than others in the various state lotteries leads me to wonder: do all number combinations have equal probability, or is there some mathematical quirk that would allow certain number combinations to appear more often than others? –Douglas J. Stark, Houston What you want, Doug, is what […]