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Field & Street

The federal Endangered Species Act requires the government to protect endangered species from extinction. At first glance you might think this is a good thing for an endangered species act to do. But opponents of the act have been attacking it ever since it was passed on the grounds that this requirement is too rigid. […]

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Rago in Retrospect

NASTY LITTLE STORIES–TEN YEARS WORTH Carmela Rago at Gallery 2 September 18 and 19 THIEF AND ARTICULATE HERO Jay Batman at the Bop Shop September 11 and 25 There’s something compelling about Carmela Rago. She has a winning presence, a reassuring, genuine air about her that makes us feel instantly at ease. When she asks […]

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Chicago Latino Film Festival

The eighth annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, produced by Chicago Latino Cinema and Columbia College, runs from Friday, September 25, through Sunday, October 4. Film and video screenings will be held at First Chicago Center Theater, Dearborn at Madison (opening night only); at the Three Penny, 2424 N. Lincoln; at Facets Multimedia […]

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Where the Noise Is

A guide to something happening all around you. Fantastic Fanzine Intense, confessional, edited by Riot Girl D.C. organizer Erika Reinstein, with contributions from Riot Girl D.C. Issue number one declares: “The fact that I am alive is a Riot, a hah hah fucking Riot. You can abuse me but I’ll still be here, and I […]

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QUERENCIA Bottom of Your Shoe Theatre Collective at the Curious Theatre Branch Columbus bashing has been fashionable for so long that this year, the 500th anniversary of his having stumbled upon the Caribbean, it’s become almost passe. But in Querencia (meaning “longing” in Spanish, but pronounced by the Bottom of Your Shoe troupe more like […]

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Leander Stillwell

LEANDER STILLWELL Stage Left Theatre Inspired by the wartime memoirs of an Illinois farm boy, Leander Stillwell, turned Union soldier, Chicago playwright David Rush has crafted a play that offers a compelling and very authentic-seeming grunt’s-eye view of the Civil War. We see re-created before our eyes all the highs and lows of that terrible, […]

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Big Goddess Pow Wow II

Extreme estrogen exposure guaranteed: Hot babes of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, and performance styles will dominate the Metro stage this Saturday when Big Goddess Pow Wow II comes looking for converts. Originally staged as an all-girl show at the Edge of the Lookingglass in 1989, it sprang from the head of performance artist/actor Paula […]

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LONESOME IN MY BEDROOM Luther Johnson Evidence ECD 26005 SWEET HOME CHICAGO Lonnie Brooks Evidence ECD 26001 Luther “Snake” Johnson was a Georgia-born guitarist who made a name for himself in the mid- to late-60s as Muddy Waters’s guitarist. After leaving Muddy, he settled in Boston and led his own band for a time in […]

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High Fiber

STRETCHING OUR ROOTS at the Textile Arts Centre Appropriately, the Textile Arts Centre has opened the new season with a show that draws attention to contemporary fiber artists’ diverse processes and ideas. After all, pluralism is no stranger to the textile arts, which have long embraced styles ranging from the abstract to the figurative, and […]

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Dave McKenna

Certain jazz musicians display an essential command of their instruments that verges on symbiosis: above and beyond the concerns of their art, their grasp of their instruments’ natures leads to the exclamation “Oh, that’s how it should be played!” Solo pianist Dave McKenna fits this category. Melodically and formally, McKenna’s strengths lie in the elevation […]