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Desperate Woman

REAL LIFE–STORIES FROM THE REAL WORLD Carmela Rago at Club Lower Links November 16, 23, and 30 Carmela Rago’s new show would be great on the radio. Not that Rago–a waif of a woman–doesn’t have considerable stage presence, an admirable way with space, and even a nice ironic nod and wink. One of the original […]

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Chicago: Excellent

To the editors: I always thought Chicago (Chicago Transit Authority) was an excellent rock and roll band, capturing the mood, the ebb and flow, the big bad sound of the city of Chicago itself [November 15]. That’s why I’ll buy Group Portrait, put on my headphones, and ride the el to the south side, while […]

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Nights of the Blue Rider

The eight-week “festival of Chicago’s international arts” wraps up this weekend. The listings below refer to theater and performance art offerings only; on nights when only one performance is listed here, be assured at least one other program of music, dance, or poetry is also planned, with discount prices available to viewers buying a ticket […]

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Bruce Cockburn looking for a light

With the country’s economic and social fabric seeming to deteriorate more and more each day, it’s easy to see why so many musicians write songs about despair. It’s difficult to find concrete reasons for hope, and it’s harder still to make a positive statement without sounding insipid and naive. What made Bruce Cockburn’s recent appearance […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Miami cosmetic surgeon Ricardo “Dr. Lips” Samitier has started performing designer-penis operations, to add “thickness but not length.” Samitier says he injects fat, then molds it “into the shape we want.” He says some men get the $2,000 operation “to look fuller inside their clothes” and others to spare their wives vagina-reduction surgery. […]

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The House of Yes

THE HOUSE OF YES Strawdog Theatre Company It’s a new and, I hope, endangered theatrical hybrid: The House of Yes by Wendy (Apocalyptic Butterflies) MacLeod is subtitled “a suburban Jacobean play.” The House of Yes is certainly as grotesquely cruel as, say, The Duchess of Malfi. But MacLeod clearly wanted her campy update of the […]

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His Master’s Vice

WHITE DOG **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Samuel Fuller Written by Fuller and Curtis Hanson With Kristy McNichol, Paul Winfield, Burl Ives, Jameson Parker, Lynne Moody, and Marshall Thompson. The best American movie released so far this year, made by the greatest living American filmmaker, was actually made ten years ago, and so far its venues […]

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Ebeneza/Dr. Stagemaster’s Amazing Imagination Machine

EBENEZA Players Workshop’s Children’s Theatre at the Second City at Second City DR. STAGEMASTER’S AMAZING IMAGINATION MACHINE Players Workshop’s Children’s Theatre at the Second City at Candlelight’s Forum Theatre Josephine Forsberg is the founder of the Players Workshop, the oldest continuously running school of improvisation for adults and children. And the Players Workshop operates the […]

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EXILES Splinter Group at Calo Theater The year is 1916, and Richard and Bertha Rowan are sharing a prototypical open marriage. Richard’s relationship with his extramarital Other, Beatrice, appears to be largely intellectual, but he all but throws his wife into bed with his best friend, Robert–stubbornly denying any glimmer of husbandly jealousy and demanding […]

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Waverly Consort

Arguably the most popular early-music ensemble around, the Waverly Consort specializes in reviving a wide range of musical styles popular between the 12th and the mid-18th centuries. Since its founding in 1964 by Michael and Kay Jaffee and some of their fellow New York University musicologists–the name Waverly is taken from a well-known street in […]