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Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra

Last year the period-instrument movement reached a new peak in popularity when the sound track of a lavishly produced biopic of baroque viola da gambist Marin Marais became a huge hit. The success was surprising but not totally unexpected. For almost two decades the public’s appetite for early music has been whetted by ensembles such […]

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The Straight Dope

Jumpin’ Jack and Lazy Jim, twins, emerge from a fancy restaurant only to find all the valets have split and a heavy rainstorm lies between them and their car, 100 yards away. Jumpin’ Jack bets Lazy Jim that if he runs and Jim walks, he will arrive at the car not only faster but drier. […]

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Still 35 Cents–and Now Cheaper Than Ever!/Buckner’s Boot/Purveyor of Succinct Biographies

Still 35 Cents–and Now Cheaper Than Ever! The Tribune’s Jeff MacNelly drew a wicked cartoon last week. Sinead O’Connor had torn up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live, and MacNelly imagined four priests watching the show. “Shame!” cries one. “Tearing up a photo of the Holy Father!!?” “Poor, pathetic little bald girl,” […]

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Basehead’s debut, Play With Toys, is an album, but it’s also something more complex: the record’s bookended with a mysterious twangy bar band offering C and W versions of things like “Sex Machine,” and interspersed throughout is a bruising commentary on the songs. As main man Michael Ivey sings, voices assuage and contradict him, go […]

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The City File

Techniques that might be frowned on in a grade-school art class. From the description of Elise Ferguson’s new exhibit at Beret International Gallery on North Elston: “Elise will exhibit her series of items encased in synthetic blocks of ice. Some of these items are obtained from her body, such as: hair; saliva; finger nail clippings; […]

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The Bell of Purity Temple

In contrast to younger colleagues who favor ambiguities and a laconic, digressive style, the veteran Chinese director Xie Jin has steadfastly remained an old-fashioned storyteller. Influenced by 40s Hollywood and by his country’s folk-opera tradition–just as the new generation of filmmakers owes a debt to the European art cinema–Xie is at his most assured and […]

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The Trials of Jones

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean somebody isn’t out to get you. That pretty well sums up the personal philosophy of Andrew D. Jones. “Oh yes,” he says, “when I start explaining my ideas, people look at me kind of funny, like I been shooting up some of that brown Mexican heroin. But you know, […]

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Boogie Down Productions

Boogie Down Productions is KRS-One–autodidact, self-described “metaphysician,” and occasionally inspirational voice of moral and social reason in the checkered world of rap. Legend has it that he grew up alone on the streets of New York, teaching himself in libraries and finally finding a voice in hip hop. While at first flirting with the violent […]

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L7–Bricks Are Heavy

BRICKS ARE HEAVY L7 Slash Records Ever since Nirvana’s Nevermind swooped out of the Pacific Northwest and up the charts, practically every band with electric guitars punched into overdrive and an address within a few hundred miles of Seattle has gotten caught up in the major-label signing frenzy. Never mind that what gives some of […]

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Cynicism and Chicanery

To the editors: What sets the ideologue apart from the honest inquirer (or the honest letter writer, for that matter) are the levels of cynicism and chicanery to which the ideologue must resort to finesse the case he’s trying to make. Take any debatable issue. An honest inquirer will lay what cards he has on […]