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Breast Beating

To the editors: [Re: Hitsville, October 9] I hate Camille Paglia’s guts as much as the next intelligent person, thank you. I am, however, fed up above eye level with so-called “feminist” appropriation of a male supremacist preconception, which equates female body parts and sexual exploitation. The ancient linking of breasts, fertility, and sexuality is […]

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The City File

You’ll never guess who they’re talking about. (A) “The world’s foremost champion of farm animals,” according to the Farm Animal Reform Movement. (B) “One of the most profound and revered [fictional] figures in twentieth-century American culture,” according to Pharos Books. (Answers at end of column.) City desk, please? I have a dozen veteran teachers here […]

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Dream of Another Time

LE DORTOIR Carbone 14 at Centre East October 15-17 Chicago has nothing like Montreal’s Carbone 14. Few cities do, I suppose–rarely will you see theatrical images this imaginatively conceived, grandly designed, and expertly executed. Le dortoir (“The Dormitory”), created by artistic director Gilles Maheu in 1988, exemplifies the kind of exquisite craftsmanship that has rightfully […]

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Pathetic Pipes

To the editors: I wanted to inform you of a striking coincidence. Recently, Albert Williams reviewed Power Pipes, a play about the “indigenous Americans whose culture was trampled by the European explorers,” and gave it his Critic’s Choice [September 18]. I’m sure it was an excellent play. Amazingly, I saw a play with the exact […]

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Outright Lies

To the editors: I realize the editorial section of publications is to print various and opposing opinions, but when what is printed is outright lies, meant to mislead the public, I strongly object. I am referring to Daniel Sobieski’s letter, September 4. This must be one of his favorites, for I’ve seen it published elsewhere. […]

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Field & Street

Twenty years ago Barry Commoner laid out the causes of our environmental crisis in his book The Closing Circle. Our problems, he wrote, arise from our failure to recognize four basic laws of ecology. Law number one says that everything is connected to everything else. Law number two states that everything has to go somewhere. […]

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Iranian Sights

AND LIFE GOES ON . . . **** (Masterpiece) Directed and written by Abbas Kiarostami With Farhad Kheradmand and Pooya Pievar. It’s fascinating to consider the ideological factors that influence how film canons are formed, especially when it comes to films that depict unfamiliar cultures. Without thinking much about it, we tend to prefer American […]

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Holmes Brothers

About 1979 or so I remember reading an interview with the great soul singer Solomon Burke in an R & B fanzine, wherein Burke was lamenting the demise of gospel-based soul in the face of 70s disco. Burke predicted that in a few years the disco sound would grow stale, “and then the real music […]

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Buddy Guy–The Very Best of Buddy Guy/The Complete Chess Studio Recordings/My Time After Awhile

THE VERY BEST OF BUDDY GUY Rhino 70280 BUDDY GUY–THE COMPLETE CHESS STUDIO RECORDINGS Chess/MCA 9337 BUDDY GUY–MY TIME AFTER AWHILE Vanguard 141/42 It never fails: a legendary bluesman, after years of scuffling that brought little financial success but made him well-known among black listeners and later a legend among white aficionados, finally wins mainstream […]

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Eddie Palmieri

It’s not hard to see why Eddie Palmieri was once dubbed salsa’s answer to Duke Ellington; to borrow a favorite Ellington encomium, Palmieri’s music often is indeed “beyond category.” Like Ellington, Palmieri is a pianist, composer, and bandleader, and like Ellington he generates a remarkable and unquestionably artistic excitement: it stems not from synthetic pseudo-Latin […]