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Sex, Porn, and Prostitution

Scarlot Harlot says she came to town to participate in an antipornography conference at the University of Chicago. Now she’s protesting it. At lunchtime, on the first full day of the weekend meeting, she is parading on the sunny plaza in front of the law school in full view of the audience gathered inside for […]

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James Chorale

In the crowded field of local choirs the 17-year-old James Chorale has emerged as one of the few that can be counted on to deliver consistently excellent performances despite its semipro status. Last summer I heard the 35-voice chorale–whose name is a mystery even to its veterans–at the Woodstock Mozart Festival and was struck by […]

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Orchestra of Saint Luke’s

Roger Norrington, an Oxbridge product with an aptly donnish demeanor, is music’s man for all seasons. Over his astonishingly productive three-decade career he’s prepped as a tenor and a violinist and helped found an opera company and a chamber orchestra. The English maestro’s chief renown, however, is as a guru of the period-instrument movement. Most […]

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Jinsky Pinsky: A Night in Tights

When Chicago choreographer Timothy Buckley was performing his solo The Grave Digger at Jacob’s Pillow last summer, festival director Sam Miller told Buckley that his character reminded him of the early-20th-century ballet legend Vaslav Nijinsky. Miller also told Buckley about a new biography of Nijinsky that focused on both the exhilarating genius and debilitating schizophrenia […]

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Brilliant Disguise

KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! Wit’s End Theatre Company at Raven Theatre FAITH, CHARITY, AND HOPE Tight & Shiny Productions at the Bop Shop Keep Your Pants On!, Manfred Karge’s beautiful and sad exploration of German society from the 1920s to the 1970s, is ultimately a play about one woman’s victory over painful and life-threatening circumstances. […]

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9 1/2 Weeks With van Gogh

VAN GOGH *** (A must-see) Directed and written by Maurice Pialat With Jacques Dutronc, Alexandra London, Gerard Sety, Bernard le Coq, Corinne Boudon, and Elsa Zylberstein. Consider the following two scenarios: (1) In May 1890, Vincent van Gogh, missing one ear, arrives at Auvers-sur-Oise and meets Dr. Gachet–an avid art collector and fan of the […]

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Vinegar Tom

VINEGAR TOM Halcyone Productions at Splinter Group Studio Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom, first performed in 1976, is as much about the 70s women’s movement as it is about the witch-hunts of 17th-century England. The story centers on four women accused of witchcraft, but the actors intermittently step out of character to sing campy folk songs […]

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Garage Sale Teasures

CHARLES WIESEN at Tough Gallery, through March 20 Charles Wiesen’s art is full of hand mirrors and coat hangers and mail-order furniture, old kitchen utensils, wooden trays, and little pieces of string. Much of his stuff seems to have been foraged from wholesale outlets, thrift shops, and the depths of closets. It’s art, but it […]

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The Horrible Attraction

CIRCLES OF LUST Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal Company at Northeastern Illinois University, March 4-6 Sometimes dance of a certain bright and cheery kind seems artificial and limited, almost sterile. “They’re so quiet,” I say to myself. “I can hear their feet. When are they going to start talking?” And sometimes, watching even the […]