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Floyd McDaniel

Chicago is known worldwide as the home of the hard-driving postwar blues sound, but we have another blues heritage as well: a smooth sound laced with tinges of Texas-California sophistication and informed by the hip swing of our city’s rich jazz legacy. Guitarist Floyd McDaniel is one of this style’s leading practitioners, and he’s also […]

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Ira Sullivan

The arrival of saxophonist and trumpeter Ira Sullivan, one of jazz’s most delightfully unpredictable practitioners, always stirs the memory of my gradeschool clarinet teacher curtly informing me that, no matter what I’d heard, no one could play saxophone and trumpet without lousing up both instruments in the process. Of course, he was wrong. Part of […]

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Seeing Africa, Seeing Europe

FUNKY WORDSMYTHS at Cafe Voltaire, through March 30 “I was born black with anger,” the Funky Wordsmyths shout. This is a defining line in their Tuesday-night shows at Cafe Voltaire: Like Africa, it’s the cradle land, the source of everything. But like Africa, it can also be enigmatic and frightening. Seeing and hearing the Funky […]

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Joffrey Ballet

The Joffrey Ballet has always had a uniquely daring, adventurous style that can both surprise and shock. Only the Joffrey was bold enough to deal with the sexual revolution in Astarte, Robert Joffrey’s stunning, multimedia fertility ritual, or the peace movement and hippie life of the 60s in Gerald Arpino’s Trinity and Sacred Grove on […]

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Some like it loose

A few weeks back the Jayhawks, a country-rock quartet from Minneapolis, transformed Metro into the living room of an undergraduate apartment–you know the kind, in an off-campus party house. They outfitted Metro with shopping-bag brown Goodwill armchairs and a sofa set and a half dozen mismatched standing lamps, and they suspended guitars, clocks, and several […]

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The Progeny Chronicles/The Fragmented Veins of Staci and Cayce

THE PROGENY CHRONICLES KKT Productions at Red Bones Theatre THE FRAGMENTED VEINS OF STACI AND CAYCE Hope and Nonthings and KKT Productions at Red Bones Theatre The title character of Scott Sandoe’s Texanna Rearranges the Planets and Saves Your Family From the Gates of Hell–one-half of “The Progeny Chronicles”–is a housewife and mother turned author. […]

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The Sports Section

This Bulls’ season has been much more of an odyssey than were the last two campaigns. For the most part they were smooth sailing, aside from some turbulence during last year’s playoffs, of course. This season, though, the Bulls have worked their way through a series of tasks and tests. At times, the 82-game season […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In September David Hanley, a high school biology teacher in Bakersfield, California, was ordered by the principal to stop his unique classroom demonstrations showing that food is a cultural choice. To make the point, Hanley had eaten live newborn mice in front of two classes. And in Texas in January former agricultural-sciences teacher […]

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Sex, Porn, and Prostitution

Scarlot Harlot says she came to town to participate in an antipornography conference at the University of Chicago. Now she’s protesting it. At lunchtime, on the first full day of the weekend meeting, she is parading on the sunny plaza in front of the law school in full view of the audience gathered inside for […]

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James Chorale

In the crowded field of local choirs the 17-year-old James Chorale has emerged as one of the few that can be counted on to deliver consistently excellent performances despite its semipro status. Last summer I heard the 35-voice chorale–whose name is a mystery even to its veterans–at the Woodstock Mozart Festival and was struck by […]