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Law/Order/Dry Rot

LAW/ORDER Center Theater Elizabeth Shepherd’s Law/Order tackles some compelling topics. In just about an hour it deals with victims of crime, motives of criminals, the exploitation of victims by society, subtle and not-so-subtle forms of racism, police tactics, and sexual molestation. So it’s a shame that Center Theater seems to have rushed this play to […]

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To the editors: Regarding “Life Without Father” (October 9): Mothers tend to want daughters so as to have a companion, which may account for so many single-mothers-by-choice expressing a preference for girl children. (“I was horrified to find [my child] was a boy,” says one mother quoted in the article. “When I was planning . […]

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Johnny Cash

I don’t know about you, but I have no trouble at all placing Johnny Cash at the very highest level of 20th-century American popular music, right up there with Louis Armstrong, Woody Guthrie, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Muddy Waters, Mahalia Jackson, and Chuck Berry. For me, the revelation was seeing him at the […]

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Early Retirement

To the editors: First, I wish to compliment you and your reporter, Bryan Miller, on a very comprehensive article dealing with the Education Constitutional Amendment in the October 23 issue of the Reader. I received a number of calls regarding the article, and the one question that was asked most of all was what the […]

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The Straight Dope

Why are there green lights under escalators? Should I start believing in Escalator Trolls? Am I seeing the Otis borealis? Or do I just have a brain tumor? Please–the straight dope! –John Sandel, Chicago I don’t know about the brain tumor, John, but I do know this: you can’t have a stomach tumor without a […]

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The City File

If you don’t mind, I prefer a ballot. National Pork Producers Council director of retail merchandising Joe Leathers: “My advice to consumers today is to vote early and vote often with their forks this fall.” “There was an irony to the Republicans’ attacks that was not lost on me,” writes Matthew Rothschild in the Progressive […]

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Correcting the Bible

To the editors: Chuck Fager’s review of The Women’s Bible Commentary [September 18] attempts to correlate Wycliffe’s and Tyndale’s efforts to bring the Bible to the masses with the efforts of the authors of this women’s commentary. How absurd! Especially since both Wycliffe and Tyndale would have denounced the interpretations presented within this commentary as […]

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

At 80, Witold Lutoslawski is the grand old man and the conscience of Eastern European music. Though apolitical by nature–so he claims–he’s seen his life and career shaped by five decades of upheaval in his native Poland. After his father was executed by Russians for advocating nationalism, Lutoslawski was imprisoned by Nazis and later wrote […]

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Merry Melange

CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Orchestra Hall October 10 CHAMBER MUSIC OF FENGSHI YANG Goodspeed Hall October 11 Is William Bolcom a composer whose time has come? Long respected for his craftsmanship and scholarship–he has a PhD from Stanford and is a professor at the University of Michigan–the 55-year-old Bolcom writes music that resists easy classification. Though […]

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His Holiness

To the editors: I realize that white males, incumbent politicians, and the Catholic Church are the only “Politically Correct” targets for cheap shots these days, but I feel compelled to reply to Bill Wyman’s low blows and misrepresentations with some clarification [Hitsville, October 23]. The Catholic Church is not, as Mr. Wyman asserts, “right-wing.” The […]