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News of the Weird

Lead Story New York Newsday reported in April that a 46-year-old Worcester, Massachusetts, man inexplicably began speaking with a French accent immediately after he was involved in an automobile accident last year. At the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology Dr. Majis Moonis said that about two dozen cases of “foreign accent […]

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Her Aching Heart/Oh, Holy Allen Ginsberg: Oh, Holy Shit Sweet Jesus Tantric Buddha Dharma Road

HER ACHING HEART Bailiwick Repertory at the Theatre Building OH, HOLY ALLEN GINSBERG: OH, HOLY SHIT SWEET JESUS TANTRIC BUDDHA DHARMA ROAD Bailiwick Repertory at the Theatre Building The exciting thing about Bailiwick’s Pride Performance Series is the chance it offers to see world-premiere gay plays in an environment that encourages experimentation and allows for […]

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Winifred Haun & Dancers and Paula Frasz

Sometimes an artist’s hardship is an audience’s gain: in a smart piece of economizing, Chicago choreographers Winifred Haun and Paula Frasz have teamed up for a joint concert. Though they’re both talented, both modern dancers, both capable of fine abstract and narrative dances, in other ways they couldn’t be more different. Haun strikes a high, […]

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The Owl’s Legacy

This five-and-a-half-hour made-for-TV series about Greek culture is far removed from the predictable blandness of a PBS documentary. Chris Marker, a veteran French director of highly personal film essays, interconnects past and present concepts of language, culture, knowledge, and power in tracing the heritage of Greek ideas–and the betrayals of those ideas–around the world. Throughout […]

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GRACELAND Dali Drama Theatre Company at Cafe Voltaire I’ve never been a huge Elvis fan–I was 12 when he died and remember him as a pudgy anachronism in a sequined jumpsuit–but there’s something about him that appeals to my sloppy, sentimental side. When it comes to uncomplicated, heartfelt love songs, there’s no disputing the King’s […]

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Joe Henderson Trio

On his last visit to Chicago tenor saxist Joe Henderson surprised audiences by all but ignoring the music he had played on his then-current Lush Life–the album that made him Down Beat’s 1992 “Jazz Musician of the Year.” One dares to hope he’ll take a different tack this time around, if only because his subsequent […]

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Martyrs and Saints

MARTYRS AND SAINTS at Randolph Street Gallery, May 28 and 29 The most powerful moment of Ron Athey’s Martyrs and Saints may well have come in the show’s first piece: Three nurses, each caring for a “mummified,” breathing body, enter the stage with all the subtlety of enraged bulls. As they prep their patients, a […]

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Fresh Paint

CUTTING BAIT at Randolph Street Gallery, through June 12 “Cutting Bait,” at Randolph Street Gallery, is a show of eight young contemporary artists who play off recognized pop and minimalist idioms. By co-opting the territory of such artists as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, Jasper Johns, and Frank Stella, they reconstruct the intent of […]

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Flowers for Algonquin, or Des Plaines, Trains, and Automobiles/Disgruntled Employees Picnic, or The Postman Always Shoots Twice/Take Me Out to the Balkans

FLOWERS FOR ALGONQUIN, OR DES PLAINES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES Second City Northwest DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEES PICNIC, OR THE POSTMAN ALWAYS SHOOTS TWICE Second City E.T.C. TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALKANS Second City It was the comic equivalent of a synchronized Rapture and Harmonic Convergence: within ten days all three Second City troupes opened new shows. […]

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Infants of the Spring

INFANTS OF THE SPRING Live Bait Theater Glenda Starr Kelley’s adaptation of Wallace Thurman’s 1932 novel Infants of the Spring opens with flappers kicking up their heels before a purple, pink, and red set, and ends with the play’s protagonist, Raymond–the leader of an artists’ colony in 1920s Harlem–on a darkened stage, describing his commune […]