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Field & Street

To the editors: After just finishing Jerry Sullivan’s Field & Street article on the ethics of entomological collecting [May 28], I marvel that, by far, my best source of hard information on the ecology of this place in northeastern Illinois that I call home is a free weekly that I pick up from a bin […]

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Man on the Street

“Hey, man, what’s up?.” The men look up and greet Jack Graham as he walks along Lower Wacker Drive. Dressed in a dark suit with pinstripes, a pale shirt, and a tie with tiny embroidered eagles, Graham doesn’t quite fit in. “Man, I can’t believe you’re still here. Get out of here!” Graham yells at […]

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Robin Lakes Rough Dance

ROBIN LAKES ROUGH DANCE at the Josephine Louis Theatre of Northwestern University, May 28 and 29 Choreographer Robin Lakes’s retrospective at the Josephine Louis Theatre shows an artist who discovered her niche long ago, has wisely stayed within it, and as a result has grown to become one of the most eloquent voices in Chicago. […]