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An Unflinching Woman

ELIZABETH LAYTON: DRAWING ON LIFE at the Betty Rymer Gallery, through July 21 “She’s stuck up, has temper tantrums, is self-righteous, lazy and sheds crocodile tears. She’s timid, quarrelsome and full of hate. . . . She just laid there and let the birds build nests in her hair.” So goes Elizabeth Layton’s assessment, in […]

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Matthew Sweet/Belly/Jayhawks

Live, Matthew Sweet leaves the crisp sound separation of his albums behind for sloppy guitar bashing. As an homage to Time Fades Away-era Neil Young and “Helter Skelter”-y hard rock, it works; as a concert experience, however, it can be a little trying–especially when Sweet’s voice gets buried under a mix that can’t accommodate the […]

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For Whom the Path Kills

To the editors: In his article “Defender of the Shining Path,” Jeffrey Felshman wonders which people the Shining Path is fighting for [January 22]. Shortly thereafter he notes: “Peru is a poor country that should be rich.” Later, he points out that President Fujimori’s austerity program “pushed the poor deeper into abject misery.” One would […]

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Continuum: Visions From Yetunde

CONTINUUM: VISIONS FROM YETUNDE Ma’at Production Association for Afrikan Centered Theatre at Body Politic Theatre The Ma’at Production Association for Afrikan Centered Theatre says it uses “dance, music and poetry to illuminate the richness of Afrikan culture and emphasize the wealth of the Pan-Afrikan experience.” A noble aim, but MPAACT’s first stage play is nonetheless […]

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Blue Rodeo

It’s no surprise that this year’s American Music Festival at FitzGerald’s includes Canadian band Blue Rodeo in the lineup. What’s border crossing got to do with it when you’re talking about the big picture of American music? Blue Rodeo’s rocking amalgamation of country, blues, and pop recalls lots of folks. The tracks on Lost Together, […]

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Rape, Pornography, and the American Way

To the editors: Charles Earp’s letter of March 26 failed to validate censorship. That Mr. Earp, “as a leftist . . . accept[s] the feminist arguments against pornography more readily than those of the puritanical right” is insignificant. His contention that “pornography is offensive to the majority of Americans” might be true, but it’s equally […]

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The Straight Dope

Is there really such a thing as a snuff film? –Snopes, Canoga Park, California It’s the weirdest urban legend of all: that there are flicks in which people are literally murdered on camera for purposes of entertainment. The question is not whether there are people sick enough to traffic in such things (in a world […]

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Art of Selling

WORLD’S BEST COMMERCIALS: CANNES ’92 My fellow film aesthetes mostly hate TV commercials, arguing that they’re oriented toward selling products, not toward personal expression; that they’re the anonymous products of agencies; that they manipulate the viewer rather than encouraging her to think; and that by selling through “image” (read “lies”) they are truly immoral. The […]

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The City File

Hey, you wanna be sick or you wanna new car? The 1992 cost of an average Chicago hospital stay, according to the Illinois Health Care Cost Containment Council: $11,601, up 9.8 percent over 1991. “Those who believe that man is literally made in the image of God must be a bit unsettled at the accumulating […]