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His 20th Century

HISTOIRE(S) DU CINEMA **** (Masterpiece) Directed and written by Jean-Luc Godard With Jean-Luc Godard. With Gerard Philipe, Lilli Palmer, Anouk Aimee, Gerard Sety, Lila Kedrova, Lea Padovani, Denise Vernac, and Lino Ventura. MONTPARNASSE 19 ** (Worth seeing) Directed and written by Jacques Becker If you want to be “up to the minute” about cinema, there’s […]

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The City File

“Meteor watchers this year are in for a bonus” the night of August 11-12, writes William A. Becker in the Chicago Astronomical Society’s Cosmic Quarterly (July, August, and September). “The parent comet believed to have spawned the debris trail that crosses our planet’s orbit in space has revisited the inner Solar System again after more […]

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Light as a Feather

EILEEN WALTER-GREENE: A WING AND A PRAYER at Artemisia, through July 31 After seeing Eileen Walter-Greene’s show at Artemisia I went to the library to learn more about the Cooper’s hawk; Walter-Greene had been given a wing by friends, and has made it the subject of her recent paintings and drawings. In a book on […]

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God’s Trombones

GOD’S TROMBONES ETA Creative Arts Foundation It was appropriate that James Weldon Johnson looked to the sermons preached in Southern Baptist churches for a poetical form to reflect the collective character of his race. The powerful and euphonious words of God’s Trombones, first published in 1927, evoke a church that truly was a sanctuary in […]

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Lurrie Bell

Chicago isn’t as famous for musical families as New Orleans is, but in recent years we’ve begun to witness the growth of an exciting multigenerational blues scene that bodes well for the future. Guitarist Lurrie Bell, son of harmonica master Carey Bell, inherited his father’s sense of timing and tonality, but like most younger bluesmen […]

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Things Change

Robert Rudd and Sammy Cooper are standing in the lobby of the Embassy Apartments. Behind them is a large art-deco mirror with a relief of a woman in a flowing white dress that stretches to form the bottom and sides of the mirror. In front of them is a small office with a switchboard. The […]

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Hyde Park Chamber Music Festival

Last summer flutist Jeffrey Cohan got together several accomplished colleagues and put on an ad hoc chamber series featuring works they wanted to play. The result was music making as it should be: accurate, congenial, edifying, and joyous. This time, under a formal title, the series returns–slightly expanded and with a couple of changes in […]

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James Moody

Bebop has launched few saxophonists as artistically vital as James Moody, who got in on the ground floor: he joined Dizzy Gillespie’s band at the age of 21, when bebop itself was still quite new, and rose to his first successes within a few years. Bebop still lies at the root of Moody’s music, and […]

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Adult Child/Dead Child/Beyond Mozambique

ADULT CHILD/DEAD CHILD Mary-Arrchie Theatre BEYOND MOZAMBIQUE Mary-Arrchie Theatre What’s moving about Adult Child/Dead Child is that we don’t get the whole story–not neatly or completely. Well enough, however: we guess what’s missing. And making that effort means we invest in the outcome as we never would in a spell-it-out script. This hour-long chronicle of […]

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Reader to Reader

Dear Reader: I work at the Spertus Museum of Judaica, on Michigan Avenue between Harrison and Balbo. We’re next to Columbia College and across from Grant Park. A few weeks ago at work three of my coworkers and I went across the street to Grant Park during lunchtime to play Frisbee. The tulips had just […]