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NPR, Warts and All

To the editors: Glenn Garvin’s case against NPR news [June 25] was fun reading and raised lots of old arguments provocatively once again, but I just can’t get my dander up nearly as high as his (do hate reporters interviewing reporters, though). I still like NPR, warts and all, because: 1) TV news is too […]

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Texas Rubies

In the acoustic country duo that calls itself the Texas Rubies, Jane Baxter Miller’s purer, more distinctive voice leads the way through what are mostly Kelly Kessler’s songs. As often as not they’re good songs, too: uncompromising elucidations of a slightly desperate romantic sensibility set to unadorned, somewhat antique-sounding chord progressions and harmonies. Some of […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Los Angeles hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith said in May that more than 30 people had joined her support group for people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. The group meet monthly in Smith’s home to discuss their problems in coping, for example, with memories of aliens’ sexual assaults, with aliens’ planting of […]

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Real Estate Envy

To the editors: In regards to Ben Joravsky’s July 2 article on the new Lakeview Action Coalition, I believe your writer has shown a bit of old-fashioned naivete and class prejudice in his statement that “Lakeview suffers from the same disease that transformed Lincoln Park into an urban version of Arlington Heights . . . […]

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Beyond Our Ken

To the editors: [Re: “Ken Comes Out,” July 23] Ken is “partner” of the most famous doll: Is that basis for “outing” him? Hmmm? Until bigoted people accept us queers (ie: you and me), outing may only portray us as lifeless dolls. We are more than haircuts and accessories–we have feelings dammit. . . . […]

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Further Insults to Poetry

To the editors: I can sympathize with Mrs. Buehler whose poetry festival was ruined by police security measures for an impending Bulls basketball game [Neighborhood News, July 23]. Some people have suffered a great deal more than that, losing their lives and their businesses because of the Bulls phenomenon. Thousands of Chicagoans would like to […]

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X marks the 80s

The current X reunion tour has all the makings of a gnarly nostalgia trip. And maybe it’s true that you can’t go home again, but when the band recently took the Cabaret Metro stage and launched into “The Hungry Wolf,” they proved it’s possible to at least drop in for a visit–not bad, considering they […]