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The Straight Dope

In the late 50s after Sputnik was launched, I used to see it crossing the sky at sunset from my parents’ backyard in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. The sunlight would reflect from the satellite’s skin and I would see it like a small moving star in the early evening. Today there are […]

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A Man and His Worms

With gnats flitting about his face, Ken Otto pours yellowish slop from a dark green garbage bag into a wooden bin. The unmistakable stench of rotting kitchen waste fills the air in this subterranean pump room, lit by a single overhead bulb. He stops and peers into the bin, then adds another splash of the […]

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffey

To the editors: After some thought, I felt compelled to write to you about the extensive article about Daniel Coffey [“The Architect Who’s Rebuilding Chicago,” August 27]. I feel your reporter did not do an adequate job of either research or reporting. I am also wondering how the typical people-friendly style of the Reader became […]

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The City File

Bad craziness in the ‘burbs. Shortly after school began, 10,000 pounds of outdated canned and frozen food–some dated 1985–was discovered in a Michigan City, Indiana, high school kitchen and hauled to the local landfill, reports the daily News-Dispatch (September 15). “My concern,” said the school superintendent, “is that some of this was not noticed like […]

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Honky-tonk man

Dwight Yoakam has made a career of pissing people off, from his overt dissing of the Nashville establishment to his often brittle and unsympathetic interviews. Last Friday at the Aragon he tried it with his own fans, but they couldn’t stay mad at him long. The crowd was largely country, but there were also signs […]

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Punctuation Obsessions

To the editors: RE: Jonathan Rosenbaum . . . fire his ass. I’m tired! of his shitty attitude, and worthless-diatribes on film. I’m sure (?!) you can find: a MUCH better (movie reviewer.) RE: J.R.’s review of, The Age of Innocence [September 17] . . . this guy’s obsession with punctuation/is amazing. Anyone who is […]

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Concertante di Chicago

Plenty of orchestras can deliver fine performances, but too few take an intelligent, purposeful approach to programming. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, for example, is notoriously lackadaisical in this department, often slapping unrelated pieces together at the whim of a conductor. Concertante di Chicago, on the other hand, prides itself on grouping works that shed light […]

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Bunuel’s Neglected Masterpiece

THE YOUNG ONE **** (Masterpiece) Directed by Luis Bunuel Written by “H.B. Addis” (Hugo Butler) and Bunuel With Zachary Scott, Bernie Hamilton, Key Meersman, Crahan Denton, and Claudio Brook. Let’s start with a dream scenario, a movie that might have been. What if Luis Bunuel had made a picture with an American producer, American screenwriter, […]

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Gas Money

To the editors: In response to a letter written by Aaron M. Renn in the September 24 issue [Reader to Reader], let me tell you my experience. A few weeks ago I was on Damen waiting to turn south on the Stevenson. The scenario was identical to that described by Mr. Renn: an old car […]

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DanceAfrica/Chicago 1993

The DanceAfrica festivals, put on by the Dance Center of Columbia College, have always been high-energy affairs; often it seems the audience wants to dance too. And occasionally that’s happened–a child will jump out of the audience during a drum jam to dance next to the lead drummer. In these traditional pieces the dancers often […]

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Safe Sex

BILLBOARDS Joffrey Ballet at the Auditorium Theatre, September 28-October 3 Androgyny is what makes Prince dangerous and alluring: he’s both soft and hard, yielding and urgent, his voice a satiny falsetto or a tough, gravelly purr. He’s perfect for the world of dance, where men are sensual and women are lean, hard, and strong. It’s […]