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Queer Odyssey

SOMEONE ELSE FROM QUEENS IS QUEER Richard Elovich at Gallery 2 November 14 William S. Burroughs is only one of the many characters Richard Elovich portrays in Someone Else From Queens Is Queer, though the protagonist is someone called Felix the Kat. Elovich begins the performance in the persona of Felix’s beloved, dashing Gordie Benjamin, […]

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Rock Criticism

ROCK HUDSON’S HOME MOVIES **** (Masterpiece) Directed and written by Mark Rappaport With Rock Hudson and Eric Farr. In the creation of art, the verb is there to authenticate the subject with the same name. To paint is the act of painting. . . . To write becomes the act of writing and of the […]

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Meaning Not Included

IN Curious Theatre Branch In makes you work–I’ve just spent half an hour trying to figure out where to begin with it. This fascinating collaboration between writer Jenny Magnus and designer Liz Payne has no theme to tie its many dispar- ate elements together. Instead the suggestive material invites the spectator to in essence “finish” […]

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South Suburban Theater Festival

All the world’s a stage–even the world south of the city, where six professional, semiprofessional, and nonprofessional performing groups have banded together to request the attention of area audiences. This first-ever effort of its kind, conceived and coordinated by Michael Sean McCarthy, features 10 different productions in repertory through November 29, with shows Tuesdays-Saturdays at […]

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SHRUBTOWN Circle Theatre Mark Stopeck is a sales rep for the Wednesday Journal in Oak Park. One day while watching The Bullwinkle Show on TV he thought, “Gee, that looks like fun,” so he went to the editor and asked if he could draw a comic strip for the paper. The editor agreed, but only […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Researchers at Cornell University recently patented an artificial dog that would speed up the breeding of fleas for lab use. Previously the lab required 25 live, severely infected dogs to produce the 12,000 fleas per day needed to study allergic reactions to fleas. Weird Law Colorcraft Corporation, a photo-processing firm, recently filed an […]

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Syd Straw

Syd Straw is the honeyed, railing voice on most of the more distinctive tracks laid down by the New York artdemimonde supergroup the Golden Palominos. On her solo debut, Surprise, nearly three years old at this point, she showed herself to be both a discriminating producer and dedicated risk taker; there are a couple of […]

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House of Pain

HOUSE OF PAIN Splinter Group Before there was Friday the 13th, Psycho, or Bela Lugosi, there was Le Grand Guignol. As popular in the Paris of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as its cinematic counterparts are here today, this now-defunct theater showcased plays that focused on the shocking and macabre. Some were drawn […]

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Hamid Drake & Michael Zerang

Both Drake and Zerang play a wealth of percussion instruments that encompass musical traditions from the southern tip of Africa to the Middle East and the subcontinent of India; in this concert, however, they’ll restrict themselves to two sets of good ol’ American trap drums as they honor the memory of Ed Blackwell. And while […]

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Hospitality Suite

HOSPITALITY SUITE Victory Gardens Theater I think it had been about two weeks since I saw my last salesman play when I caught Victory Gardens Theater’s production of Roger Rueff’s Hospitality Suite, a salesman play that differs from the classics in the genre in one major respect–it’s boring. While plays like Death of a Salesman […]

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Happy With WFMT

To the editors: Contrary to Gerald M. Stein’s response on the William McCarter story (September 4) headlined “Betrayed by WFMT” [October 2], a more accurate letter would have said “Enriched by WFMT.” I’ve never been happier with their programming. Mr. Stein talks about the program guide moving from Chicago magazine to its new WFMT Fine […]

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Ballet Chicago

BALLET CHICAGO at Steppenwolf Theatre November 4-8 and 11-15 Gordon Peirce Schmidt, resident choreographer for Ballet Chicago, seems drawn to the sleazy and sexually dangerous–though his dances are also often pointedly innocent and smiling. Perhaps in an effort to cover all these bases he’s chosen more than once to explore the demimondes of yesteryear, whose […]