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Part two of Australian writer-director John Duigan’s trilogy about teenage life in the 60s (which commenced with 1987’s The Year My Voice Broke) follows Danny Embling (Noah Taylor) to a ritzy boarding school, where he becomes involved with Thandiwe Adjewa (Thandie Newton), a beautiful and precocious black girl from Uganda, at a nearby girls’ school. […]

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Open All Night

After 4 AM you can’t legally buy liquor anywhere. The 7-Elevens and White Hens stop selling at 2, as do most bars and taverns. But even after the four o’clock bars have closed, the old man bootlegger of Uptown, call him Sam, is still open for business. “This is the way I make my living,” […]

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Winifred Haun & Dancers

WINIFRED HAUN & DANCERS at the Athenaeum Theatre November 13 and 14 Making art is not hard–an artist at work often feels as if she’s just playing–but its long history can make an artist nervous, as if Shakespeare or Beethoven were looking over her shoulder at every moment. The more intelligent she is, and the […]

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Danny’s Show-a-Go-Go!/The Return of Newman & Cline Grand Follies

DANNY’S SHOW-A-GO-GO! Corn Productions at Danny’s Tavern Billed as nouveau vaudeville and performed in what is obviously the living room of the apartment over Danny’s Tavern in Bucktown, Danny’s Show-a-Go-Go! wants desperately to be an evening of sophisticated vaudeville in the vein of the New Variety Theatre or Rob Riley’s Cabaret Rebob. Unfortunately, the show […]

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Queer Odyssey

SOMEONE ELSE FROM QUEENS IS QUEER Richard Elovich at Gallery 2 November 14 William S. Burroughs is only one of the many characters Richard Elovich portrays in Someone Else From Queens Is Queer, though the protagonist is someone called Felix the Kat. Elovich begins the performance in the persona of Felix’s beloved, dashing Gordie Benjamin, […]

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Rock Criticism

ROCK HUDSON’S HOME MOVIES **** (Masterpiece) Directed and written by Mark Rappaport With Rock Hudson and Eric Farr. In the creation of art, the verb is there to authenticate the subject with the same name. To paint is the act of painting. . . . To write becomes the act of writing and of the […]

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Meaning Not Included

IN Curious Theatre Branch In makes you work–I’ve just spent half an hour trying to figure out where to begin with it. This fascinating collaboration between writer Jenny Magnus and designer Liz Payne has no theme to tie its many dispar- ate elements together. Instead the suggestive material invites the spectator to in essence “finish” […]

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South Suburban Theater Festival

All the world’s a stage–even the world south of the city, where six professional, semiprofessional, and nonprofessional performing groups have banded together to request the attention of area audiences. This first-ever effort of its kind, conceived and coordinated by Michael Sean McCarthy, features 10 different productions in repertory through November 29, with shows Tuesdays-Saturdays at […]

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SHRUBTOWN Circle Theatre Mark Stopeck is a sales rep for the Wednesday Journal in Oak Park. One day while watching The Bullwinkle Show on TV he thought, “Gee, that looks like fun,” so he went to the editor and asked if he could draw a comic strip for the paper. The editor agreed, but only […]