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Change the World. Buy a Sweater

ADVERTISING AND SOCIAL ISSUES: UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON at the Museum of Contemporary Photography It’s the sort of small-business success story Ronald Reagan liked to weave into his talks about the “American spirit.” Originally a family business, organized in 1965 near Treviso, Italy, the clothing retailer Benetton now boasts more than 7,000 shops in 100 […]

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Hollywood Radical

MALCOLM X ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Spike Lee Written by Arnold Perl and Spike Lee With Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Albert Hall, Al Freeman Jr., Delroy Lindo, and Spike Lee. “At the top of 1968, over the vehement protests of my family and my friends, I flew to Hollywood to write the screenplay for […]

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Face the Music

For more than a year now Wicker Park’s HotHouse has turned into a freewheeling hotbed of avant-garde music making every second Sunday of the month. “Face the Music,” a series organized by local composer and clarinetist Gene Coleman, is intended to be a democratic forum for all the diverse trends and aesthetic bents in the […]

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Come Freeze Your Horn

Todd Thatcher could probably sell sand on Oak Street Beach. Instead, whenever he’s in Chicago he drops by jazz clubs to sell sound. Thatcher, an acknowledged musical ignoramus, wants musicians to pay him to freeze their instruments to the temperature of liquid nitrogen–a treatment that he says will make them sound better and play smoother […]

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Left Hanging

To the editors: How dare you! I picked up the Friday, November 27, edition of the Reader, get hooked reading the cover story, “A Simple Game: A Season with Manny Weincord and the Rough Riders of Roosevelt High” by Ben Joravsky. The story introduction was so engaging. I knew what was happening, I decided to […]

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The Other Cinderella

THE OTHER CINDERELLA Black Ensemble Those expecting Black Ensemble’s The Other Cinderella to be a simple retelling of the familiar ode to feminine passivity are in for a surprise. Jackie Taylor’s adaptation of Charles Perrault’s 1697 fable (translated from an even older Persian folktale according to some authorities) uses the traditional story’s framework to comment […]

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PARTY Bailiwick Repertory David Dillon’s Party is a play that absolutely should not work. The script is sloppy, repetitive, baldly sentimental at times, and utterly without structure. It has no central action, no dramatic conflict, and no discernible theme. And it goes on for nearly two and a half hours. But it’s a delight. It’s […]